I am now back home..after visiting old long time friends, and family friends, and family!Whew! What a wild ride! LOL!

Life has been interesting so far…I had expected really nothing to occur for this Christmas…and I got “gifts out of the wazoo!!” LOL!
I got to see family friends who are like MY sisters and brothers…and some were there, and some weren’t…but, I appreciated what I was able to have ! IT was superb!! I loved every minute of it!!
I also got to reunite with a very old best friend of mine from a long, long time ago…(when we were little girls, we looked just like sisters!!)
It was very nice to see her again!! I also got to go to my some stores in my hometown…where I bought a really pretty red purse.or “handbag” as a LOT of people would call it! I love the color red…(certain shades to be more exact) and I bought this really pretty leather handbag that people tell me was made it Peru. It is a deep red…with carved flowers and a design on it…(I have loved red since I was five or before!! I have always wanted a beautiful red handbag (not designer just a certain red leather…and just something that I would most definitely use a LOT!!)
I am really pleased with this handbag…it was ironically the last one in stock!

My old best friend and others commented how much they liked the purse! (Hey, I think that I got a good deal…it was on sale…and I grabbed it!) lol!! Out where I live…everybody buys the Coach or Vuitton handbags, or totes…I am NOT into those.I love style but, artsy style…at that!!
You just can’t beat the look in Berkeley, Cali’! The Bay Area has some really beautiful items!!
I have to say that I need to totally apologize for my behavior to anybody who heard me spout negative things about Berkeley Cal…I was in loooove with being in my new home state…and being away from my old homestate…where I was raised up! Sorry! I went back at Christmas time…and realized that I goofed up big time! I am still in a state “euphoria”…I was able to see people,see where I grew up…and actually go away missing it! LOL! (The first time that I went back to Calif…after living in the D.C. area…was two years back…I did not have a “I miss you California” attitude!
But, now, I do! Strange huh?!! lol!!

But, now I have also noticed that people are coming out of the woodwork…trying to find others…even old past neighbors and old best buddies…I am going to endeavor to KEEP up the writing with these people!
I was terrible when my own father was alive…I didn’t write enough…and know what? When my dad was close to dying…after I visited him in the hospital, I vowed that I would write…well, I didn’t…not right away…and then, when I finally did…He had passed away…and I was left with a returned letter that was for my dad!
I have told my dad(when I talk to him…aloud) that I won’t be a bad letter writer anymore! (whether I like it or not…I HAVE to keep the correspondence going!!!) I MUST be better than what I was before!! I also feel bad…because I got some letters from my step-relatives that apparently were letters from me to them(while they were still alive, thanking them for presents…and MAN!! Did I ever write a bit toooo too late! I had excuses up the wazoo!! Shame on me!!! MY total BAD!!!

SO, I am going to try harder to be a better human being!!
I have a bunch of new things to work on…one is spring cleaning…UGH!!
One is being “more attentive” and "on it!

I am a “slowpoke” about a LOT of things…that is soooo me! lol!!

But, also a"Work in Progress" this is the term that my friend uses…,it’s a goodie! LOL!!

Well, to be continued later…

Ciao’ fer now!!