I am shocked =)

My endo said yes to all of my request today! I asked to be changed to Lantus and she said yes and wrote the letter so it would be approved instantly. I asked her about doing the test for gad-65 and isolate(right one?) and for the c-peptide test and she scheduled it for tomorrow. I think I about fell over! Did i mention I love my endo! So I have to fast, but at least as soon as the labs are done they are posted on the kaiser site and I can see what is going on. I am very excited!!!

Isn’t that nice? Good 4 you

They do co-operate when you show the inititive and aggressivness
have you read the book> Think Like a Pancrease? If not , do so
You will the know more Buzz words to impress him
And just as long as you have the Insurance /$ to pay for things? They are more than willing to provide whatever you want… They and the hospitals are so happy to have patients that have adequate health insurance now adays…

They say over 33% don’t now…

That is great news. And for Kaiser, that nearly qualifies for a “miracle.” I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday as well, mine was with a second year resident, not an endo, but miracles must be going around, he was fully “compliant.” I hope this provides some clarity about your condition and leads to to better treatment. I’ll post later today about my experience. I’m really happy for you.

Good for you! Way to take charge of your health!! Let us know what you find out! :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Stardust! Actually, that’s sort of the buzz I’ve heard about Kaiser. If you are passive they will give you old insulin, minimum attention, etc. If you advocate for yourself (which sometimes involves switching doctors) you can get what you need! Good work!

Looking forward to hearing about your situation, as well, bsc. We’ve been frustrated along with you for a long time now!

You doc is a keeper!

Thank you all! I will tell you all as soon as I find out! Never been so happy to give a lab my blood LOL! SO far lantus is doing great! I do not miss the lows at all!

That;s great news, Stardust !!! We must always be our own advocate for our health. Never be complacent and do what they say unless you think it is in your best interest. Remember, the “squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

I like that saying catlover. Never heard of squeky wheel gets the grease.

Congratulations, Stardust, your research and information paid off. So nice to have a good endo to work with. Best luck.

I can’t wait to hear what comes of your appt.! I am VERY happy for you!

Hi Stardust: Good for you for being your own best advocate, and achieving success! I’ll be very interested to hear about the results of the testing.