I am slowly going crazy

sooooo…i think i’m starting to go nuts. the stress of doing so many things is wearing on me, and basically all i do is tend to my health, go to appointments, and clean the house. so many lows that make me feel awful, unexplained highs, and frustrations about my weight. my endo is considering putting me on symlin if it looks like all my exercise and nutritional choices aren’t helping me lose anything. i feel like everything i’m trying to do is for nothing. my fiance and my mom are trying to keep my spirits up and encourage me. my fiance wishes he was able to better understand what i feel, but i appreciate everything he does to help me. it’s just so hard to do everything i need to. i feel awful for no reason sometimes. i hate it. i just need a break and i know i can’t get one. eighteen years is a long time to deal wth something that you really can’t ignore ever. i’m not sure what symlin does yet. i’m going to research it and see if it might help.

Symlin is the synethitec form of Amylin which aids in digestion. It helps you feel full faster. It also helps the insulin work on the food so that you do not have the post prandail spikes. Fair warning until your body gets adjusted to it, it will make you feel sick.

I completely get your frustration… hope that your days and numbers can give you some relief soon!

I’m so sorry to hear all that’s going on in your life right now! You sound like a busy beaver. I know that 18 years is a long time to deal with this but look at me someway or other I’ve been dealing with this for 35 and that’s after 2 teens and how craxy they can drive you!!! HA!! HO:D YOUR HEAD HIGH AND CHIN UP (if I hadn’t already said that ) YOU CAN AND WILL DO THIS!!! May I suggest you knock back on your schedual?? THat may help you out a bit. I’m not sure about Symilin either but I’ve heard from other’s here that it is good so just try it for awhile and see if it makes you feel better. Cody has told you more about it than I ever knew so listen to her and stay strong! Please let us know how you are!!

I just wanted to send you a (((Huggle)))
Somehow, you,me and this whole family; we’ll make it. Right now, it’s just a cruddy rough
spot. I know, cuz I’m right with you. I heard and denied diabetes about 18 years ago when I got pg with my first son. Now, I’m 2 lousy pounds heavier than when I graduated from highschool and type2. Just hang in there. We’ll get thru this.
(((((Huggles Bev)))))