I am so Happy and Proud

Well as most of you know I was on here with a discussion with on a pump and no results. My blood sugars was well in the 300’s and 400’s and no results at all no matter how much insulin I took. Good news, I am finally getting results. Same med. same amount but added glucovance 3 times a day and my sugars are ranging 121-189 usually not 189 that has been rare more around 169 after a meal. Sometimes my sugar is even 93, I am so happy and proud I could just shout it to everybody that will listen and maybe even tell people that really don’t want to hear too. HeHe. I hope everything stays this way. I hope I am not tooting my own horn to quick. Wish me luck!!

Awesome Cathy! =D

I am listening to your tooten…am on your side Cathy …congrats…

Toot away. It’s a great thing and it deserves to shouted out loud. I hope it’s always this good for you.

Congratulations! Great news!

I am so very happy for you…congratulations and glad that you will be feeling better. Sending lots of luck “wishes” your way.

This is wonderful! Always great to hear success stories!

Congrats! That is great news! Keep on the good work.

Oh that’s Great news to hear Cathy. I certainly hope that your blood sugars stay around and in the range that you want them to be, where you feel Good. Good Luck!!.

Thank you everybody this feels so good and encouraging.