I am so sick of diabetes I could puke

Gotta admire how you can lay it on the line in just one sentence!! Wish I was that brave in an open forum…

So now go look in a mirror, put on a pair of RayBans, smile like Tom Cruise in “Risky Business”, tell yourself WTF and then go out and kick some Big D butt!!


I goofed, @mohe0001, it was really two lines with the subject… :kissing:

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I’m sorry for any role I may have played in this situation. I have been, and likely will continue to be, ambivalent about posting diabetes data. On one hand I think we need to celebrate when times are good. If not here then where?

On the other hand, we humans are especially good at comparing ourselves to some perceived norm. And any negative discrepancy can discourage and demoralize, the antithesis of peer-support. I try to be judicious when I post diabetes data but I realize that any instance of doing so can discourage other members.

I also realize that it might inspire some and rekindle their emotional desire to improve. That’s what happened with me when I lurked during the TuD carb wars and learned some life changing diabetes tactics.

By the way, I believe that the Flatliner’s Club long pre-dated the experience you reference.

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If I recall correctly, there was another group for A1C in 4s, that was more controversial, and made private.

I have no memory of that group, likely since I was struggling to drop my A1c into the sub-7% range at the time.

I don’t think we’ll ever lose that controversy, unfortunately. It would be nice if this community could make space to respect both of these competing values. Tolerance would help, as perhaps some clearly labeled cautions when entering a discussion.

There is no right or wrong here, just different needs and values.

I recall a podcast comment made recently by Kerri Sparling of the SixUntilMe blog. She said her biggest mistake was publicly disclosing her less-than-stellar A1c number. That led to some pointed criticism that she was not entitled to the respected position she held. She also said that the criticism hurt more than she thought it would. She recently stopped publishing her blog (not prompted directly by this incident) to make way for some yet to be determined project.

We need to be conscious of this and each do our best to allow a place for divergent values and choose not to participate in forums or discussions that make us uneasy. The solution is not to simply ban or socially shame. Tolerance and awareness are the answer.


Yep. This is so true. I just mentioned this in another thread. Yesterday I had training on my new pump. When the nurse heard that my A1c tended to be around 6.5%, her comment was (in part), “That’s almost unheard of!” And yet on these forums I have poor control compared to many.


@Jen, I guess I sort of get that. I was completely happy with my 6.4% and I honestly would be still happy if I ended back with that number. But I think I might be unhappy if I hit 6.8% again??? Even though I know really anything under a 7% is good for the most part. But I don’t think I would have thought to be unhappy about it if I hadn’t run across so many here that have lower?

I think these are two different things, though.

It’s one thing to work hard and get an A1c of, say, 5.6% and then be unhappy if it rises to 6.8% again, because you know you can do better.

It’s totally different to work hard, never be able to get an A1c of 5.6% or even close, and be unhappy with an A1c of 6.6% because everyone else seems to be able to hit a lower number.

It’s a delicate balance, though, between striving to do our best yet recognizing good results without comparison to others.

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Oh, Terry, I’m sure you don’t even remember what happened. It had nothing to do with you. I just lost my cool.

Diabetes made me cry today. Perhaps my own stupidity was to blame, but diabetes is at least partly to blame. I curse diabetes. I curse it to hell. What happened was so bad that no one can even know about it. Years from now I will tell you, once I think it is funny. That day is far off.


I thought that was when we use the line,
A friend of mine…

Hope your day is going better.

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I have often wondered what it is that make diabetic’s feel such a kinship to each other.

We are all such different people, that’s the reason we sometimes argue but at the end of the day we are all diabetic and we understand each other’s burden. That’s why we are family.

That’s why TuDiabetes and groups like it are so important. Here we have a ready made group of sisters and brothers we can turn to for help. They can help because they live it with us, who else is better to turn to than someone that truly understands life with diabetes.

Families will rejoice with you, they will help you in times of need, they console you when you are down and they will nod knowingly when you rant against the cruelty of our disease.

Thank You @mohe0001 for your excellent rant, I am nodding my agreement.

Hope your day gets better from here.


The only exception I’ve seen is the restricted 670G group, at least in its early stages. They had a pretty good set of help documents and were genuinely aimed at trying to give you information to help you make it work. But even at that, it was not that great. Because the FB format SUCKS for sharing detailed technical information and facilitating productive dialogue among people. It’s great for venting, crappy for helping other people. You can use it for that, but it’s very much swimming upstream to do so.

Hang in there brother. Just keep using this forum as a vent for your frustrations. We’ve all been there, take comfort in knowing that whatever stupid thing you did, somebody did something a lot stupider.


Funny, we’ve never met these “friends”


I am sorry @mohe0001 for whatever is wrong. I hope it gets better soon.

Hope you know you are not alone with being sick of diabetes!
Give it another go tomorrow!

I am sick of diabetes too. Not always, but at times. What a stressful way to live. To be on top of it, one always has to be aware of so much. ALWAYS.


I think it is a place to vent to people who can relate. We all have this diabetes thing that requires attention 24/7 365 days a week. It can never leave our minds. We must focus on everything we put in our mouths and how much insulin we take. A bit challenging with our lives with families, jobs, and what ever life throw at us. What about the days we don’t feel well because we are high or low yet we must do what it takes to go to work so that we can support ourselves. So much to thing about insurance, financial challenges, etc. etc. SOOO I think it is OK to vent. I think it is ok to cry. I think it is ok to feel sorry forourselves for that moment. I know we are all doing our best, chin up and carry on. Big Hugs to all of my fellow diabetics. It is going to be ok.


Please, don’t beat yourself up over whatever happened! It is what it is. I use to beat myself up for every little thing I thought I was doing wrong. And I have now gotten to the point, it’s all small stuff and as long as I learn from my mistake, it’s all good. Everything that happens just gives us a little more information.
So please don’t beat yourself up. We have all done things we shouldn’t have, when you go back and look at it. Now I just say, ok how do I handle it next time?
You’ve got this! You have been working so hard! Just keep at it and vent away here with us whenever you need to!