I am stuck

Well, I haven’t typed on here in ages so here I go. * Warning I am a bad speller & I am feeling sorry for myself.

I haven’t been following a good diet or checking my numbers everyday or even for weeks at a time. So, I started to feel guility and worried about it so I started testing again. ( My eyes haven’t normal lately and I have been getting very bad headaches.) I was thinking it could be my BG. It has been 4 days of normal testing 6 times daily and here is the thing. I still have been eating “bad” and my numbers are all over. But, the kicker…this morning I didn’t eat anything but I drank a 20oz instant coffee/hot chocolate mixed drink this morning and I felt great! I was in a good mood and I had lots of energy. I did end up drinking a small water bottle to offset the coffee. I checked my BG at lunch time and was at a nice 4.3. Now, tonight I feel bad and have a headache and my BG is something like 12.2. I just came in from my evening walk with the dog so I have done about a 45 mins of uneven walking. So…I am rambling on…(Sorry). My friends & family are so flustered with me again that they will only make comments about me losing my sight or about how they are going to have to care for me when I am in a wheelchair Also, I have a loved that yells at about how I am killing myself slowly. It’s up to me and what I do. I’m just not that into it. Blah… I am also a little unhappy with my friends & family. There house(s) are always stocked with pop, chips, chocolate bars, bread and cereal.( I even binge on cereal people! Now that is sad!) Yes, they do have fruit, veggies & salads… granted that is not what they snack on most of the time at all. I don’t know. I am stuck on this horrible lifestyle change ( for the good) that I can’t seem to get back into. Now, I spend my time thinking that if I had only gotten myself down to that healthy weight range before…none of this would have happened to me. I did this and now I am stuck.

What’s done is done, so all we can do is move forward & start anew. You’re not stuck if you decide to make changes. Easier said than done, but you can do it. Hurtful when people focus on the negative with cautions of doom instead of asking what they can do to help us do better. Like we need the additional guilt!

We can’t control what food people have in their homes. We can only control what we put in our mouths.

Instead of giving yourself the message that you’re stuck, try focusing on a positive self-message. Starting with small steps makes it less overwhelming. Set one goal & then move on to the next. One positive change leads to another. You can do it!

Thanks Gerri! You always seem to know what to say. =)

Hope you’re doing well, sweetie.