I am "The Worrier"

Shooting at the walls of sanity
Bang, bang!
I am the worrier!"
I know, I have completely ruined a good song but the melody kept playing in my head after I wrote the first draft of this post so now you can have it play through your head as well!

I worry. I case you have missed that from other posts, its a fact. I can worry about anything and anyone. I am “the worrier”! It takes nothing to set me off. My mind is incredibly creative and I really wish I could harness its abilities in ways that would add increased revenues to my life. Unfortunately, my creative mind is used to fuel my worrying nature.

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I am a “worrier” too! My husband tells me that a life of worry is not what God wants for me.

When we worry about others or outside influeneces beyond our control, it is because we are avoiding something in our lives.( sneaky way of our subconscious mind to divert attention)
If you are able to figure out what that is, and have it handled, you will find that your creative juices will be free for something more deserving of your focused energy. ( I speak from experience, I wrote the book on worrying!) :slight_smile: good luck!

PS Thanks, now I have that song stuck in my head! LOL