I am Winning, follow my journey!

If you have been following along, you know I moved back home to PA. The Pulsatile Iv insulin Threapy clinical trial has not expanded to PA, yet. Therefore, I am down south again for a few days, for treatment.
Pulsatile IV INsulin Therapy has keept me out of dialysis for over a year now. I am feeling good, my blood work is stable. Now that I am back home my activity level has changed.

I am riding bike, while walking the dog. I spend a lot of time in my garden and flower beds. To think just two years ago I was housebound, sometimes bedridden.

Having my health back is so much sweeter, back with my family.

I have energy to do so much more. Life is not just passing me by anymore.

I still pump and I still have some highs and lows. But, I now have much more mid-range time and my A1c shows it.
Travel is still hard on me. My nueropathy does not give me much trouble anymore. However a day in the airport can make it act up again.
I no longer loose sleep with it.
As noted before, I left my pain medication behind last May. Since then I dropped two blood pressure medicines. Now, I have been able to drop another, expensive medication. That is four prescriptions in one year.

Thiss is a bit of an experiment, for me. The treatment is recommended to be weekly. When I lived here, I got the treatment weekly. Now, we are trying it monthly, so far so good. It has been a month since my last treatment and I am doing fine.

I pray, what ever you are doing for your diabetic complications is working for you. If not research PIVIT. This company will put clinics wherever needed.
This is not a cure, but it sure feels like it to me and the others in this treatment.