I believe there is still HOPE for all of us

i am a "newbie" to this site, but not a newbie to Tpe 2 Diabetes. i was first diagnosed in Aug, 1980. i have just reached my 30 year mark. it has not been an easy journey, but it has been one in which I learned about this disease from a variety of sources. With each step, i became more knowledgable and I thank God for the opportunities he has given me, along the way.

In the beginning, i spent the first few years in denial and was very angry, because i had lost my first and only child, because of this disease. i miscarried, only after 4 months of being pregnant. i was so looking forward to being a mother. i was doing all of the things that any expectant mother would be doing and experiencing.. The joys of motherhood were suddenly taken away, as i was admitted to the hospital. upon being admitted, my blood sugar was 500. my Dr. had told me, that if i had waited any longer, I couold have been possibly in a Diabetic Coma.

Because my blood sugar was so high, they kept me in the hospital, under strict supervision, for a week, before they did my D&C. Surgery.DRs to make sure that my blood sugar was down to a normal level, before surgery. of course, i was in pain, that entire week, which made the situation worse. then, too, i was in a state of depression. maybe some of you women can relate to this. doctors tried to assure me that after a year , of taking meds and keeping my blood sugars under control, there was no reason why i couldnt try to get pregnant again. but, in my mind, I just knew there was not going to be another opportunity. becuase, you see, i was already 33 years of age, and I knew that my "biological time clock" was ticking away. this made me even sadder.

Well, when i was released from the hospital, all was not right. Time started marching on. it was a few years, before i came out of my depression. but, somehow i made it through.

it wasnt until 1986, i started taking my disease very seriously. Up til then, i was eating anything and everything, i wanted, and of course, i was starting to be obese. it was, during this time, i was going through counseling, and with god's help i started taking control of my disease. i was then, determined to learn everything i could about Diabetes. i was working on loosing weight, and doing everything positive. i started praying and believing that i could be healed. if not healed, The lord would show me a way to get through this trying time of my life. from this point on, i tried to remain positive in all areas of my life. that is until, 1995 when all the complications set in. i was seeing that all those years that i did not take care of myself properly, were "catching up" to me.

here it is 2010 and i am still here to talk about this and share my story with others, who might be new to this disease. i am thankful for this social networking site, because it does give me the opportunity to share.

Very dramatic story… I can feel your emotional struggle, as I’m also 33… and PCOS has limited my fertility. It’s encouraging to see someone still here, today, after 30 years with Type 2. Welcome to our community. :slight_smile: I’ve only been diagnosed 10 months, so far… and I hope to have as much fight in me after 30 years.

im glad that you were encouraged by my story. it is my goal to share my story with as many people as I casn possibly reach. if i can offer encouragement and hope to all who suffer,i will have reached my goal and purpose on this earth
lets be friends. here.


Welcome, Connie.

Thank you for sharing yourself with us…

Thank you for reading my story. it was written to inspre. God put into my heart that if i write my story, others will read, and if i can help but one person, it will all be worht it, in the end.

Lets be friends here