I can’t add G6 complication to Apple Watch face

I’ve just started on the G6 after using the G5 for a couple of years. The G6 complication shows up in the list in my Apple Watch app, but it does not appear in the scrolling list when I try to add it to a position on my watch face. I’m using the modular watch face.

All third party apps need an update to use the series 4 new screens. It’s a developer problem.


My watch is Series 2.

@Jim2 - Those modular watch faces don’t work on series 2 or 3 watches

I had the same problem when I upgraded. I reinstalled the Dex 6 app and that corrected the problem. I assume you got rid of the Dex 5 app?

I’m using a series 3 with what’s labeled as the ‘modular’ watch face and it’s working. @Jimi63, maybe there’s an updated modular face that only works with the 4 series?

Reinstalled app and got it working.