I Cannot Do The Big Blue Test

I try to sign in, but get the message:

"fail You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1"

I do not know how to fix that problem, so I cannot do the test. I am very disappointed.

Sorry you are having trouble. It is perfectly fine to just keep your results on a piece of paper and try to enter them later. Sometimes weird stuff just happens with all this high tech stuff.

You can just enter the test and not sign in. If you scroll down after the Sign Up/Login Blue Box to the Take The Test Blue Box and you can answer these and submit your test. The Tally will increase and no sign in needed:

Take The Test
1) Are you a T2 Dance Crew™ participant?

2) Do you have diabetes?

3) What kind of exercise did you do for the Big Blue Test?

4) Intensity level:
Moderate ("I can talk while I do them, but I can't sing.")
Vigorous ("I can only say a few words without stopping to catch my breath.")

5) How many minutes did you exercise:

6) When was your most recent meal? (before the exercise):


I've been doing it for days and days and the Tally increases by one with each click on Submit. I hope that works for you Richard :)

Good catch, Karen. I don't sign in, either, when I submit my BBT results.

Thanks Brian and Karen, I have several tests to enter, maybe I can enter all of them today,.

This is weird. it accepts my email address and password, welcomes me by name, but the number does not increase after I enter all the info.

I just entered tests for three days and the number was 839 before, and is still 839 after the three.

I noticed that today after I entered mine. The BBT probably has to do some kind of algorithmic shenanigan to add our tests to the tally.

I am having the same problems as Richard.

I tried loading the app on my new phone, and it said it wasn't compatible. However, I've still been able to log my activity using the website.

I find the website easier and quicker to use than the app on my phone.

I just got that same error that Richard reported in the OP. I entered a new test on the website at the Take The Test section, it happened after I hit Submit.

"fail You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1"

I have discovered that my BB tests are being counted. I was taking the test for several days, then looking back at the top of the page at the tally. The tally did not increase, so I thought that my tests were not registering at all. Today I realized that you cannot see the tally increase unless you click on the page header to refresh the page, then the tally shows the increase.

So please continue participating if you thought your test results were not being counted.

"fail You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1"

Well?!?!? Did you check your syntax, Richard? Just what did you have near line 1?

In understand that everyone's MySQL server is a somewhat sensitive topic, but we can't help you if you don't share with us at least what was near line 1.

That message no longer appears, Dave. I did nothing about the syntax error, I did not know how to do that. Maybe someone corrected the problem since other people were getting the same message?

I was kidding around, Richard -- that's what that big blue smile was implying. Sorry for the confusion!

Being serious, that message had nothing to do with you, and others were probably getting it too. It was a database error on TuD's web server -- the message is meaningful to IT folk... general public? Not so much.

Glad things got fixed up for you!

I am having trouble again. The last three attempts to do the Big Blue Test have failed. I logged in without a problem, answered all questions, and clicked on the submission button, but it would not register my test. I hope this is not happening to other people.

Hmmm, I'm not sure what to say without playing around with the computer. I use my phone. It occurred to me that I am using the same app I used last year, just left it on my phone and started it up where I left off. I hope my results are going into the right bin. It may be some type of compatibility problem, older browser or virus or a setting (cookies?) being turned off. I'm totally clueless about computers, just that sometimes I run into these problems. Mike Lawson is taking tallies of school events, etc. via email or maybe FB messaging. You are a logging machine and I would recommend sending them in that way. We appreciate your help and dedication Richard157! I'm sorry you're having trouble.

I just did the test right now...on the right hand side of this message is the form and after I entered my details I got a BRAVO message. Try it right here, Richard :)

Thanks for the replies. Everything was working well previously, just a two or three day glitch. I used the sidebar like Karen suggested, and now it is working again. I will catch up now.