I can't count

so apparently i have had diabetes for 5 years. not 4. I know i have never been great at math, but damn…lol, bit of a mistake. 2003. it seems like forever ago…

i was drinking Shirley temples at sweet sixteens and downing pizza like it was going out of style that year. man, i miss those days of unsupervised, un-restrained, over-indulgent eating.

in other news…

i made some jello tonight to satisfy my craving for something sweet. sugar free=0 carbs. i usually hate jello. but tonight, it wasn’t so bad. i suppose i was craving something sweet so badly that anything would have done the trick. good to always find new carb free foods though :slight_smile:

I was diagnosed in 2003 as well… Yep time flies!

I love sugar free creamsickles - each one is only 5 grams. They come in a box with assorted flavors. and I always have sugar free lemonade around.
I really like your art, Revvy!