I could use as much help as possible

I am currently in college and I am trying to get a scholarship based on points on a blog site. The link to my blog is http://www.progressiveu.org/blog/diabetes-killer

Votes, comments, even just being read will get me points for the scholarship.

Thanks in advance for anyone that is willing to help me with this.
I would put the badge on the page but I haven’t figured out how to do html on the blog, but I do have a link back to the site on there.

Hey Cody, good luck with it all! I’ll pop in for a read here & there. Have you ever written about D before? You might find it quite helpful, for yourself and others. I learnt a lot about life, myself, D, and other people when I started blogging. It’s good for the soul :slight_smile:

To be honest with you until I joined this group the only thing I ever did was research new treatments. I never really talked about D with anyone else before, but I have found this group has helped me out a lot. Who knows what will happen. I know for several years I was in denial big time about D. I have become very proactive though in my health. My doctor loves the fact I research everything. He told me that he feels that his patients are the best specialist on their disease just because they probably spend the most time doing research.