I Couldn't be Anymore Thankful

Hello everyone. I hope y’all are doing well. Here I sit in the aftermath of World Diabetes Day, worn out and so blissfully happy. I was able to attend the lighting ceremony of the Austin City Hall (did anyone else in the Austin area think that other than the Radisson, it was the prettiest blue monument in Austin?). I was able to participate in the Big Blue Test, I even got my mother to do it with me. My sister in law would have as well but she wasn’t feeling well at the time. I got my Dad, who doesn’t normally really get into the ‘diabetes spirit’ with me, to go to the lighting ceremony.

I can’t explain how happy I am. I believe that yesterday was one of the best days of my life. This aside, I’d like to say that I most likely would not have even known about WDD without my TuD family. I probably wouldn’t be in as good of control without my family here. I stumbled upon this place about a year ago, in bad control, 300’s my usual high, just happy to see a 200 anytime. My A1C at the time was 7.3 I believe, and at my last doctors appointment it was 6.0. I can only thank all of you who have helped me regain the control I’d found to be so hard to attain.

I know I’ll most likely never meet you face to face, but I thank you because without you, I’d probably still be in ‘good, but erratic control’ as my Dr had put it. That’s just her way of nicely saying bad control, by the way. And now, I’ve recently been called a ‘dream patient’. Weird, because I never expected that. I’ve learned that the only person to get the control I wished for was me. Control is always there, it’s just one has to reach for it to find it. And I did, thanks to all of you who helped me on and told me that I could reach for it. To all of you who told me things to try out, to find that it helped control. To try just a few days in better control and see how I feel, I haven’t felt bad since. Now I only get a 300 once every few weeks, or months. I’m able to treat myself more often and I don’t look at food as my enemy any longer.

For all of you who helped me, and to the entire TuDiabetes family, I owe you more than you’d ever know, I wish I could hug you for the second chance at life you’ve helped me have. Thank you so very much. I hope this reaches you in health and happiness, and may your days be filled with both.

I agree with ya Jessie. I did the Philadelphia WDD. Met Lane and Joanne at Temple University. Was a great day. I also would have had no clue about it without Tu. Ive only been here about 7 weeks but the folks here are great. The advice tips and encouragement have helped me lower the a1c from 14.2 to 6.7 from July through last week. Now to see if I can fine tune it or at least keep it where it is lol.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello. And let you know that I thought World Diabetes Day was great.

I feel the same way, jessie! I’ve had it a long time, and a couple of years ago, it seemed a lot of things were changing, and I couldn’t figure it out. I came to TuD feeling desperate, hopeless, and depressed about my condition. I have been given nothing but understanding and helping hands here. It makes it so much easier to face what I have to do everyday to have my TuDiabetes family “at my back”. Reading your blog here is getting me a little emotional (in a really good way), and I thank you for posting it! WDD here was so great!