I cured my serious neuropathy completely in 2003

Thank you LunaS for the reply, what amounts did you take? Also other vitamins & antioxidants you can recommend please would be amazing! Thank you

I brought the Ultra Preventive X today & took 2, am thinking would 6 be ok or 8 per day?

Also can I take B6 & B12 with it? Have also bought D3, Vitamin E, Alpha Lipoic Acid & Vitamin C Ascorbic acid & Magnesium Glycinate., thinking I can take all these combined throughout the day.

Sorry am new to all this, so am fumbling around trying to figure this terrible condition out, my stress & anxiety levels are through the roof!!

I bought Ultra Preventive X today, am going to give it a try even though it is a lesser dose of the US one, so maybe 6 - 8 tablets, I have asked LunaS on her thoughts.
I am not a diabetic but do have neuropathy :cry:

It depends on your weight, but I would say 6/8 is fine.

Regarding the rest, is ok too.

Ok perfect, need to add B1 & folic acid. A bit of a combo going on here

Hello @JaninaWalker & @LunaS

If you read this please let me know your thoughts, I am on a mission here to combat this & am going to do whatever it takes!!!

So I bought the Ultra X & am going to take 7 per day to start as the composite here is less than the US & recommends only 4, I guess european guidelines. As you said LunaS it should be fine. I am going to split the rest of the following except the oneā€™s that are one per day.

Here is the link for EU version

Preventive Ultra X x7
Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid 1000 x1 per day (Can I increase this?)
1500 mg Fish oil x3 per
ALA 300 mg x2
Magnesium Glycinate 350mg x4
Vitamin D3 4000UI x1
Vitamin E 400 IU x1
Folic Acid x1

Maybe adding Biotin, NAC, Coq10, Evening Primrose, Milk Thistle & Tumeric?

Is there anything else you can recommend? Can I take extra Bā€™s separately ie B1, 6 or 12? I donā€™t want to be overdosing on anything but donā€™t want to be missing anything out or flushing vitamins down the toilet. Do I need to take a probiotic for all of this? I am still on the lookout for B Vitamin vials!!!

Thank you, any information will be so much appreciated!!!

You can cure neuropathy just by bringing your sugars into range. It takes the body 3 months to repair nerves so you have to dedicate yourself to consistently lower blood sugar.
That is if you are not taking other drugs which can cause neuropathy.
With tight control, and not taking drugs witch interfere with normal healing, you can completely recover from it

You are probably right if you are talking about a neuropathy from diabetes. Otherwise, I dont think you are.

You are right LunaS and furthermore, way back around 2006 when George was noticing, online as he was looking for something else, that Metformin causes B12 to be driven low in people with type 2 diabetes, he asked me if I thought that would be why they got neuropathy and I said bingo what a great point to have discovered.

I remember a youngish woman who had a near -perfect blood sugar control who was a member of Tudiabetes said how could she have neuropathy as her blood sugar is great, but she took 500 mg of metformin three times a day, one with each meal.

So what doctors like to do is blame the patient and say you must be mismanaging your diabetes, rather than saying maybe I have prescribed a drug to you that caused this.

So anyone with a low 5 range HbA1c is definitely not having out of control blood sugars. So Timothy I can tell you that you do lots of searches online and think that provides the answers, BUT IT MOSTLY PROVIDES THE USUAL THEORIES THAT ARE OUT THEREā€¦ While I am someone who has done way more research on this and even been through it and when my blood sugar do go high I do not get the neuropathy back. So it is NOT due to out of control blood sugars. However I do know that if blood sugar levels are high then the pain feels worse. But that does not mean that was the cause.

Of course it is best to have good blood sugar control, but for people run themselves ragged to get their A1c down by a single point is overdoing it.

However one main reason why the antibiotics can cause the problem is they destroy the friendly bacteria as well as bad bacteria and it is necessary to have friendly bacteria in the intestines to absorb B6 just as it is necessary to release intrinsic factor in the gut to get B12 to cross into the blood stream. So those are two things that were helped by injecting the B vitamins as those factors are then bypassed.

So one of the first things to do if you have had an antibiotic is have something like sauerkraut with several meals afterwards for several days to repopulate the friendly bacteria. That is what I have done when I had to have an antibiotic for this toothache.

However, I always tell people to take a very good multi vitamin mineral as that also provides all the elements one needs to have a body running well.
I use a professional grade Multi that has 52 elements in it for that reason.

I sometimes wonder how people think they are doing themselves a favour by eating nothing for 7 days. I did manage that once for 4 days and was amazed, but did a lot of sleeping. I have to wait for a seniors dental coverage card and have a tooth ache so not eating has been necessary. otherwise I am having soft vegetables in soups and not salads where chewing is necessary.

My blood sugar control is not as good as that woman I mentioned and my endocrinologist has known this and it took him several years to believe me, but then he finally did.

I always told him my greatest worry was lows while asleep as I have had several parts of my body damaged by that happeningā€¦too many to mention them all.

I know have for the past week a Freestyle Libre 2 which is great at reminding me with an alarm if I am asleep and going low, so now I can be even better at managing.