I did it! almost 25 years coming, and I broke into the 5's


That’s a perfect example of why A1c alone is not a good measure. Your A1c rose, but you cut down on the dangerous lows you were having as a result of the CGM. I’ve had a similar experience - though CGM was only part of my story. I had to move to a pump to eliminate the regular lows I was having. Results - my A1c went up from 4.9 to 5.6, but virtually no lows.
(And yeah, I still want to get it a bit down from there, but, hey - doing OK!)

Congrats on the success!


Good guideline to keep in mind. We want low A1C but not the hypos.


I agree 100% - Low A1C is fantastic - but you really have to be diligent in getting your pump basil programs setup correctly. I actually have 5 different ones, each for a specific activity / day of week. Get those in line, get a grip on boluses based on correct I/C and ISF and you can achieve almost zero lows and a good A1C. I know, I know - I am a bit anal, but it is a challenge to me to keep good numbers and I really enjoy the look on my Endo’s face when he sees the blood test results and logs.


My endo stopped looking at my logs – he says they’re boring! :smile:


That’s awesome @Devildog! I find my Freestyle Libre helps alot, especially when you’re trying to figure out why you are high or low. I’ve started keeping a log in my Freestyle with Carbs I eat and insulin doses. My A1C went from 7% to 6.5% after being on the Freestyle. My next goal is 6% or lower.

Congrats again!!


Now you have your Libre you can get full CGM for not very much. If you look on the website bgonmywatch.com you can see how to get you BG bluetoothed to your phone and or watch. Carers can see it on the cloud in almost real time web connection permitting. Two main devices currently available cost about £125 and £165 imported here into the UK.

Being able to just check my watch and having alarms for high and low has just changed my life. For the first time in 40 years I am in charge of my diabetes not fumbling in the dark waiting to see what it does next.


I hope your Endo thinks different from mind. I am type 2 and when I went on insulin back around September 2012 I was lucky enough to con Humana out of a Dexcom G4 that I started using in January 2013 and I have held my A1c between 5.2 and 5.6 and every time I go in for my wasted follow up just because I started using a pump about two years ago my Endo says to me I wish you would get your A1c up to around 7 and I tell her my goal is to keep my blood sugars as close to normal as possible and laugh and go home. She is from the old school on treating diabetes. I followed the 7 level crap for years and now I am paying the health price for doing that, no more. I tell my Endo that all Diabetics need a CGM or something similar to track their sugar levels all day. Keep up the good control. It takes some work, but I believe it is worth it.


The Real Good Food items look really yummy. I wonder if these are at the Whole Foods near me. The map they supply didn’t have any places super close to me.

Looks like you can order them online though.

Thanks for posting this!


I went ZERO carb a little after being diagnosed as type 2.
After almost 2 years, and being diagnosed Type 1, I still keep my diet ‘ok’. But with the pump and cgm combo, I am consistantly in the 5’s. My last was my best at 5.6. But I have been steady in 5.7 to 5.8 for a while.
And I eat moderate carbs at times, and full on chow down on REAL Pizza. I don’t always get my boluses right for pizza. But I refuse to give up my life.
Btw, Fiasp has greatly improved my personal quality of life. Not perfect, but every little step forward gives me better control, and less time spent having to keep that control.
Btw, I usually eat 50 to 150 carbs a day. More during the week, and less on the weekends.