I did it!

I agree that looking at A1C is important, however I think it needs to be looked at with SD as well. A great A1C with extreme highs and lows frequently isn't the same animal as a great A1C with small SD. I know, I've been harping on this recently, but it really makes the A1C more informative/meaningful.

Zoe, I agree with ar that 'time at number' has an influence on A1C, and also on how you feel!

Can't wait to see pics of the new house. Ours is in the woods, but not a geodesic dome! I'm jealous ;)

Congratulations, Zoe!

Thanks, all. I have to work on figuring out how to get pics from my non-digital camera online, but my friends want some too so I'll try.

As for how I did it Buckley, I really wasn't aiming for the 5's. Due to a couple factors I figured 6.0 would be about as low as I could get and I was ok with that. The factors are that I'm a vegetarian and cooking is one of the great joys in my life, so I decided not to go low carb. I eat under 100 a day. Second I'm just not an exerciser. The thought of going to a gym appeals to me about as much as going to a football game would - as in not at all! But when I lived in the city I didn't have a car and walked all over. Here I have a car, but also have fascinating "I wonder where that goes" trails beckoning me. So that kind of exercise I enjoy. But what I do have going for me is that I'm mostly retired and so I have lots of time to test, correct, etc...ok, to OBSESS. lol. Worse things I could obsess about - like the geometry of the geodesic dome - ok, I've confessed - I find geometry fascinating..lol

OMG, I would *love* to be "mostly retired"!

I'm with you, Zoe! Retirement really helps with BG control, because you can usually stop and test whenever, because there's no one standing over you demanding that you be doing your job, or a person who really needs help that precludes you from testing. I had a much harder time testing or correcting when I was teaching.

The inviting nature of unexplored trails must be lovely! And in nature, there will always be something different to see, even on the same trail. :-) My problem with hiking is that I take too many breaks to bend down and enjoy some small jewel of nature, like a flower, or a pretty rock, or an interesting bark pattern on a tree, so in my case, you really couldn't call it sustained exercise, but better than nothing, I guess! :-)

Enjoy, dear one!

+1 on semi-retirement! I've cut my small business back to a very small business. It does afford lots of time to obsess over blood sugars, data.... LOL

I don't know if that is always a good thing, jrtpup! When I was in the process of getting ready and making the move, I had less time to "obsess", took care of my D, but didn't come on here twenty times a day, etc. It was kind of freeing.

As for semi-retirement, AR and jrtpup: I was someone who couldn't wait to retire. I loved what I did, but hated committing so much of my time, especially the morning hours which I find unnatural! But in the 4 years since I've felt kind of unmoored..not knowing what to do with myself! Next fall I'm going to start teaching a live course in my new/old town, in addition to the two I teach online, just to have that connection and that feedback that I am being helpful!

Thanks, Shawnmarie. I check two hours after a meal and then correct if necessary. From trial and error I found that's about when I peak. I don't bother checking sooner because there's still insulin on board. Even sometimes at the two hour if I'm not that high (say 150ish) the IOB will take care of it.

Congratulations on both accomplishements!

Thanks, Donna!

CONGRATULATIONS on having achieved your health goal! Super accomplishment.

Thanks, Barb!

I struggled for over 6 months to get my A1c low enough (under 7!) just to be able to do a job that I was excluded from without that level of control. So getting down to a 5.9 was it??? is fantastic.

5.7 actually, but who's counting..lol. I think we are all different biologically and have different life situations. That's one reason comparing A1C's can be risky. After my initial diagnosis, once I got on the correct treatment, getting under 7.0 didn't seem that hard. Under 6 has taken some work. But I'm also mostly retired and it helps that I have so much time to spend managing my D. Also I've been on the pump since January which is what has enabled me to go that extra mile. Congratulations on your hard work as well!