I did it!

Today I posted my first sub 6 A1C at 5.9%

I was pretty confident I’d get there. In fact during the last two weeks my BGs have been super awesome. I’m almost expecting mid 5’s next time. I’ll post about that later. Still, it’s been my main goal for the past two years. I felt so high when I got the news I nearly screamed out loud at work! Woot!

My cholesterol came back great too. HDL: 1.55, LDL: 1.76, Total: 3.51, Trigs: 0.44 compared with six months ago of HDL: 2.00, LDL: 2.02, Total: 4.33, Trigs: 0.69. I honestly know little about what these mean, but my new PCP was elated.

So now what? I’ve met my goal. My control is PDG. Is it time to slack off some and revel in my glory? I can’t afford that, not with my eyes. I think the goal now might be to help some others get on track. I’m currently leading a fledgling support group at a local church. Almost all of them have no idea what their numbers are. If I can post some day that all members of my group had 5.9’s, I think that would be a real cause for celebration.

CONGRATULATIONS! We know how much work goes into a number like that – so indeed take a few minutes just to celebrate!!!

And share your secret! :slight_smile:

#1 Take control of your regimen. Proceed as you’re ready, but lose almost all reliance on doctors and DE’s.

#2 Do thorough basal testing whether you are on a pump or MDI. You just cannot come up with accurate bolus rates if you don’t understand your basals.

#3 Come to forums such as TU daily and learn. After two years of daily vsits, I still learn new things daily.

#4 Carbs. I’m becoming more convinced every day that carbs are our biggest enemy. I don’t mean eat slow carbs either. You have to cut them back significantly. Being able to cover anything with insulin I believe is a fallacy in the long run. You might succeed more times than not, but you’ll be adding weight, higher BP, and all the other nasties.