I didn't die

The title may lead you to believe you are going to read about some horrific tragedy. Sorry about that. Yep, it's a little misleading however that was not the intention.

This is about my journey into T-2 diabetes.

I felt I had experience with this insidious disease and lived with it nearly every day. You see, my mother-in-law was a T-1. I watched her struggles to maintain workable numbers. Her numbers were all over the chart and she could pop a high or drop extremely low at any time. She had such great resolve and really did everything she could do. Her diet was probably perfect. I have sat at many meals with her and ate normally while she was eating less than I'd describe as a nibble. My husband had been a counselor at a diabetic camp for children when he was a little younger. However, none of this helped me.

The first heartbreak I had was just being diagnosed. My high that was the big hint was 146. Not a high to many, but a huge scare to me. When I could get alone my tears were uncontrollable. I sobbed hard because I knew this disease could kill a person. I watched my mother-in-law and knew I didn't want her life style. I was so afraid and no one to talk to. Oh, you are thinking I had my husband and my mother-in-law, both extremely knowledgeable.

There is a big problem with that. My mother-in-law only knew about T-1. My husband had the misconception that if I was not on insulin, I didn't really have actual diabetes. So -- -- I felt on my own. I did't want to die and I had no one for support. well, I did have my daughter who had gestational diabetes with both of her children and had continued to eat as if. She has always been able to tell herself she should/must/will do anything and have complete follow through. I felt as if I was alone and certainly I was so scared. Then the amazing happened.....

Same here. I knew no one with D not even another T2. I felt that my doctor had told me I was going to live a shorter life than what I felt was normal. Then that amazing thing happened to me also. Twenty years later and I'm in better condition than I could have concieved and looking forward to a long life.

Thanks, Stemwinder. There's much more to my story. Please check back. My journey doesn't end there. I'll be posting more of it soon.