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As you guys might notice, I dont blog much at all! But I think I should more often, I think it would be nice to look back at old blogs and see how your life has changed since then.

So heres a new blog....

I'M ENGAGED:D!! I should have done this blog months ago, but i guess I never really had the time:S.

Jan 1st 2010 I became engaged to a very special someone that has been part of my life for the past 5 years. Although I was diabetic wayyy before we met, in highschool, he was the first person I knew since I became diabetic that actually made me feel normal. Everyone else treated me like I was sick, and in a sense I am, but you never really want to get that feeling from anyone. Feeling like that usually resulted in me keeping my diabetes a secert from everyone, but when I told my now fiance, one word came out of his mouth, and till this day its the best response i got from anyone. As soon as i told him I was diabetic he looked at me and said..." So?". I never knew such a small word could make me so happy. It wasnt a " OMG I'm so sorry!! life must really suck for you huh?!" and all the unnecessary comments that I got my way.

So anyway I thought I should share my happiness with you guys:)

Planning for this wedding is making managing my diabetes a bit harder though. Did any of you married people out there have the same problem? Maybe its the running around and all. And i;m still a student so it could be that too..i dunno.

Hopefully I'll get it under control soon enough and enjoy planning a little bit more than I am right now:P. And the date is set December 22nd 2010! I reaally do hope i stick to blogging and maybe take you guys with me on the ride of planning my wedding!:D

Well....my pump has been beeping at me since I started this blog..so I better see wat it wants:P..



Congratulations Lama! I wish you the best.


Thanks Robyn and Teena! :slight_smile:

Oh Masallah Lama,

First I want to congratulate you on such a happy occassion!!!

I was planning my wedding (unbeknown) while I was diabetic. When I was diagnosed (about one month prior to my wedding), that was when I realized I couldn’t have the food or treats that were going to be served at my wedding. I made sure that was the first obstacle I tackled… then from there my wedding was pretty much planned… just a few changes here and there.

I know what Im telling you isn’t exactly what you want to hear, but I do want you to make sure when planning you keep it fun! Close family and friends helped me out while planning and I cannot believe the support they had given me during those bridzilla moments (and unfortunately, I had a couple of those “moments”).

Just remember to stick with your schedule and meal plans… delegate some of the jobs to other members in your wedding party (or family) to help lessen the stress … and keep on smiling!!


Congrats on the engagement hope the two of you have along and happy marriage!

I got married almost a year ago (got 4 weeks as of today till 1st anniversary). My hubby asked me to marry him 2 hours past the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month (talk about lots of 11th going on - lol) 2008.

Anyhow, I only had 5 months to get everything ready and in order, because at first we had planning of hitching in september of 09, but do to medical issues of my mom we had to push the date forwards by several months (good thing to as life does happen, and it did change enough for her that had it been then she’d have been in way worse shape to attend).

We also had to fit in the time for us to fly down to the US for me to meet his side of the family (I’m canadian, he’s irish but his family immigrated to the us about 30 years ago), since I’d not in the two plus years of our dating had I gone down to the US to see him or them. So I had to pencil in enough time to fly down with him and see them for the first time, plus see if while down there I could find a wedding dress that i could ge toff the rack or if not could be altered fast enough for the up coming wedding.

Talk about stressors, I found the venue that we where going to have the wedding and reception at while going though a bridal magazine, called them up made appointment to see them the next day, liked what I saw, good price for the place and they had only one other engagement that day (taking place on the lower level), so booked the place. One of the factors we choose that place was that most wedding locations are booked a year or two in advance so are next to impossible to get on what they call short notice.

With that stress out of the way, the main stress was finding THE dress my dad spend hours with me running around town to various places trying on dresses, but I only actually hit in one dress and the lines of it looked terrible on me and it was the only style that designer had for plus size women - gags.

I was still stressing about THE dress when I flew down to the US for 14 days of site seeing and meeting with his side of the family. While down there I was dress hunting, but again couldn’t find anything that would fit or if it did fit could be altered in time before I left to go with me. A week before we have to head back his mom and sister say that they will make me my dress I just have to buy the stuff for them to make it. Good idea as far as it goes, but truth of the matter in hind sight is I should have just said thanks but no thanks.

They made me the dress, I got married in that dress but all I can see of myself in it is that of a blasted white puff ball and I do not like how I look in it or felt while wearing it - expally since three weeks before the wedding was to take place I found a lovely two pice online that I fell in love with of the style that I had been wonting and which doe flatter my figure and would have only cost me about 100 US total - sighs. But I didn’t wont to change it not fitting and all that other junk so close to the wedding date, but hind sight I should have gone for it!

All though the planning process was stressful, and to add more stress to it the day before we got married I had to go in to see my endro, and he turns around and puts me on meal time insulin tells me what dosage I need to have before each meal and sends me on my marry way (right after the endro I had to see my lawyer to sign the prenups, another stressor to say the least).

I also have had one major stressor holding over our heads from the moment he asked me to marry him though our honeymoon and everything, the process of immigration. Putting in the papers and everything that we need to do to get him up here permanently and the fact that after our wedding I would have to move down to the US for 6 month because immigration canada had refused our request to keep in county for another 6 months (was going to do the immigration process in country, but when they failed to let him say had to make other arrangements - we actually got his rejection letter 30 hours before the wedding took place).

As said my reading though the 6 months before the wedding where running high, I never was able to get them under mmol 11 (198) almost the whole time, and while down in Colorado Springs for those 14 days I wasn’t able tog et them under mmol 15 (270) which was not good at all (and would be a warning for the future time to come of being down there unfortunately).

Oh well, I do so hope that your wedding planning goes smoother then mine did, but feel free in IMing me if you wish someone to chat with about wedding planning, etc.

Take care,

Thanks Osob, NissaMae and Nyxks. As of right now I have done little planning. I have finals in about a week, so I should be getting back to planning really soon:)