I dont know what to do


Hi ya. I have been diabetic sice I was 2 years of age. You are right. Diabetes sucks. Would you rather not live? I mean it. Think about this.
. I am a 49 yr.old ex-model who had open heart surgery and a brain injury. It took 2 years for my intellect to return. Diabetes is never great,but I would not want to be dead. Not yet anyway. Maybe if it gets worse.


I’m sorry to hear the despair in your post. I’ve had T1 for only 2 yrs and it made me crazy in that short time. I used the OmniPod for a while. I started Afrezza 4 months ago and my stress level went waaaaaay down. And my energy went way up and my sleep is better. I hated wearing a pump. I feel very lucky that Afrezza is an option. Best wishes to you. It’s really hard.


If it wasn’t for Sure-T’s I would have stopped pumping more than a decade ago. (Good call, @ispimyltli66 )


Thanks for your reply. Wow you have been through a lot. I’m just not good at coping. I don’t necessarily want to be dead, but just to never have existed. I’m so tired and diabetes adds so much to that feeling. Most times, I feel like I’m just trying to keep up. Sorry to be a downer.


Yes it is. I’ve always said I’m happy that I got diagnosed(if I had to have it) so young that I don’t remember not having it. If I were in your position, I imagine the transition is SO hard.


Have you had your thyroid checked? You posted that you’re tired all the time. People with Type 1 diabetes have a much higher probability of developing hypothyroidism than the general population. I get my levels checked annually because my sister with Type 1 also has hypothyroidism.

In addition, higher blood sugar levels or lack of exercise tend to add to the tired feeling. I noticed I feel this way when I haven’t been exercising regularly or when my basal rates need changing because I’m not running in a good range every day.

These may or may not be contributing to your feeling of tiredness, but I think this is one of the more insidious things about diabetes. Being out of range affects moods and energy - which gives you less energy and enthusiasm to address being out of range!!! ugh!


Yes I recently got everything checked and my thyroid is fine. My mom has a thyroid condition so I’m pretty sure I’ll get something eventually.


Joan10, just a thought… have you investigated using the OmniPod as a pump instead of what you are using now? I don’t know if it would work for you, but since it is tubeless, you would have access to many more sites (like the back of the arms and the upper buttocks) that would be difficult to use with a tubed pump. I have been diabetic for 52 years, and I have to tell you that I LOVE my OmniPod. I “wore out” my thighs from decades of MDI in that tissue, so the OmniPod allows me to use alternate sites. Also, “injection” is just a push of the button on the wireless controller, so I never have to fiddle with infusion sets. If you have not checked out the OmniPod, please investigate if it might be right for you. I believe that they still offer a free “trial” Pod so you can see if you can use it. Since sites are a problem for you, this may open many more possibilities. Hang in there! Diabetes is not fun or easy, but we really have come a long way in now offering you options. Keep in touch and let your friends here on the Forum know how you are doing. We are all here for you.


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My info, from the chief of endocrinology at a major city hospital, is that Afrezza is unlikely to come to Canada because the market is too small. I’m hoping he is wrong, because given what the majority of users report, I would dearly love to have it in my arsenal.


Thank you.:two_hearts: I’ll check that out.


You are not a downer. I hate D. There is no choice. I know you can do this. You are not normal. But don’t you think that God or whatever you believe in, is here to help? You can do this! I know it is so,so difficult. Hang in there.


I too was going to suggest the omnipod. I don’t know much about other options. I was diagnosed in 1997, used old school “R” and “N” with syringes. Upgraded in 2010 to pens finally. 2013-ish I went on the pod & it was life changing. My A1C has had a steady decrease in #s, and steady increase in my personal confidence & comfort.

The thing is, diabetes sucks. There’s no other way to describe it. It’s mentally & physically exhausting. But we’re ALL strong. And so are you @Joan10!!! Have you spoken with your endo about possibly changing treatment? I think it could be good for you. Sometimes my lowest diabetic breakdowns are fixed by really going all out diabetes crazy.

I’m currently prepping to be pregnant. & while my #s are on the right track, I really lost it last week. Just a full blown meltdown. I made an additional appointment w/ the endo, ordered a pretty diabetes bracelet, and a new medicine bag. Somehow (spending $ lol) boosted my morale. Maybe an appointment & some shopping will help? :wink:


Mannkind is in discussion with Health Canada and has trials going. They expect about 18 months. In the meantime, there is a distribution well for anyone in Canada who wants Afrezza, but it would be out of pocket, of course.


Thank you for your find information.


Thank you, @kmichel – that is wonderful news!


I totally understand what you are saying. I have been type 1 for 51 years. 30 years of multiple injections and now 21 years on pump. I am 55 now and it’s a never ending full time job. And you’re right, even if everything worked perfectly it would still be hard because it is!
I’m having site issues too and have to change it more than I care to once I realize it is not absorbing. I live alone and have tried for 5 years to get my insurance to cover a CGM. Not happening. Seems like everything is a battle. But I push on. You have to be thinking every moment of your life about every single thing you are doing and eating.
That being said. There will be better days. Focus on the good and maybe consider a pump break.? A time to be “untethered”
From pump. Talk with your doctor and see if this is an option. No it’s not a way to walk away from the constant thinking about your diabetes but I’ve done this every few years just to feel “free” and allow stomach sites to heal. It’s not for everyone but for me it helps on occasion. Hang in there and know you are not alone.


Thank you💕. Yes I’ve actually been looking into it