I don't know what type of diabetes I have, anyone have a similar situation !?

Hello. I am brand new here ! Just made an account & I hope someone can help me here. I am a female, 28 years old. On September 2nd just past I ended up in the hospital with DKA. I was 27 weeks pregnant. From about 17 weeks on I had very blurry vision and as the weeks went I had extreme thirst and peeing a lot ! About 2 weeks before the DKA incident at 25 weeks pregnant I was unable to quench my thirst and was peeing excessively. A few days before going into DKA my “baby doctor” found ketones in my urine that were high but she didn’t think anything of it. The thing is. I had gestational Diabetes with both my previous pregnancies. 6 years ago and 2 years ago. Both times my diabetes went away after birth and both times they were controlled with diet. Not pregnant I am 5’4 and weigh 108 lbs. I do.not have high blood pressure either. Anyways, I went into DKA at 27 weeks and was in the hospital for 5 days. The endo said I have type 1 because of the fact I went into DKA. I am on insulin 4 times a day. My background insulin was started at 10 (levemir) & my meal insulins all 10 units. I had to change them to 8 units at breakfast , 4 units at lunch, & 9 units at dinner. As for the levemir i was having fastings of 6.t give or take .4 every morning but I kept waking clammy through the night so I kept downing it and my fastings got better. I am now taking 1 unit of levemir at supper and that is it. I think I could take 0 and my fasting numbers would still be low/normal. My fasting is 5.2 give or take .2 now. I dont understand, if i am in the “honeymoon” ( as my endo thinks ) and only making a little insulin and I am already prone to be resistant while pregnant wouldn’t a honeymoon be impossible while I am pregnant. I get my c-peptide and GAD antibody tests back soon ( they said it can take up to a month and I got the blood work done last week ) any help , anyone think its just a rare case of DKA from gestational diabetes? Anyone think its type 1 . any help would be great. I hate not knowing.


@Lindsay_Marie, so sorry you have to deal with this while pregnant :frowning:

Unfortunately, DKA is fairly characteristic of T1 Diabetes :frowning: Yet there are rare cases of gestational diabetes causing DKA – so it is not impossible for you to only have gestational:

The fact that you are using so little basal insulin is good. But it is quite possible to be in honeymoon while pregnant – a friend of mine was in that exact case last year.

I really wish I could cheer you up. The odds are low that you aren’t a T1 – but they are not zero. So I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Do remember that being a T1 today is nothing like it used to be 40 years ago. My young son is a T1 – I can’t say that I did not wish for a different diagnosis – but his life is not very different from that of his school friends.

Wishing you the very best – your friend Michel

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Unfortunately it’s prolly type 1. Why are the tests taking so long? I was tested in the icu while in dka and they had the results the next day I think. I hope for your sake it’s not. I was sure it was an awful mistake but they were right. Hopefully you’ll stay in a honeymoon for a long time.

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Kinda what I was thinking. One month to get antibody tests back makes no sense.

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My Doctor has never told me. Asked what I know about diabetes I said type one and type two seem to have nothing in common. Doctor said no you have diabetes. I have since gone to class and been here.

I am being treated with meds so type 2 but it does not matter. Gaining bs control is what matters.


I have no idea, they said It could take up to a month. I got the bloodwork Oct 2nd ans results were in their system for antigad on Oct 18. My diabetes educator told me 2 days ago the results are in for the anti-gad but that my endo will tell me the results at my apointment ( in 2 days ) I will let you all know :blue_heart:


I am now using no Basal. 8 units with breakfast, 4 with Lunch and 9 with Dinner. My fastings are between 4.5 - 5.3

I hope you get good news💖