I dont know whats wrong with pump

the set amount of insulin to dispense somehow got reset…and now when ive tried to put new insulin in it will not stop, u know when it drips…im quite confused and unsure of what to do…any words are appreciated
thanks folks,

Do you mean the basal insulin? What type of pump do you have?

I’m also not sure what you mean by it “drips”. Do you have a leaking cartridge? You need to change your cartridge and your set if there is a problem. Also if your basal insulin amount has changed somehow (not sure how that could happen), you need to go in and edit it. You might try calling tech support for your pump model and have them walk you through the problem. Meanwhile, if, for whatever reason, your pump is giving you unknown amounts of insulin you might want to remove it before you call the pump company for safety.


I have the same pump. It sounds like your talking about when you are “priming” the Quick Set tubing. Drips are normal when you prime the tubing for the first time. It also depends on how long the tubing is for the Quick set. There are 2 or so tubing lenghts. I use the 23 inch and 43 inch depending on where I “plug in”. Sometimes when priming the 43 inch you normally hold the prime button (ACT) down longer and there is a delay when you let go and insulin still runs out. There is more momentun when priming the longer tubing. Anyway, that’s what it sounds like to what your issue is. You do want to prime to make sure there is no air in the tubing. Let me now how your doing.

Also, work as hard as you can to keep those A1C’s down. This means being very attentive to checking your blood sugar and taking corrective Bolus’s when needed. Also, take small portions of carbs for meals so your blood sugar does not spike up. The goal…is to do this for the rest of your life or complications will get you. Those are the facts and they are true. :slight_smile:

Sounds like your pump is defective. I would call customer support.

Yes, if it doesn’t stop priming when you release the button, I would definitely call customer service.

Ah, now I understand what you mean, Sameh. Yes, if it keeps priming after you let go of the button, then it could be giving you unknown amounts of insulin and that is very dangerous. I agree with the others that you should remove the pump (give yourself shots in the meantime to control your blood sugar) and call customer support right away. Sorry this is happening for you. It sounds very worrying!