I don't know

i just want to know what it feels like to exist with normal blood sugars.
I feel like a zombie.

You will be o.k. Type 1 is not easy for any of us. Please keep chatting and reading things that folks write around here. There are a lot of people with type 1 who go through the same stuff that you do.

ok i’ll tell you how it is for me. after many years I figure out a way for me thatt works and I have my blood sugars “normal” most of the day. after a while it feels… normal. no joke. i am so sorry you are having a hard time and I have been there and I wish you nothing but happiness and success. anytime you need to talk please just say.

Do you have a game plan with your doctor to lower your A1C? Do they want you to go from 13 to 5? My gut feeling on this is to take one day at a time.
It took a long time to get to 7 for me. It’s not easy like everyone else points out. My doctor is not happy with my 7 but it’s better than a 5 with many lows and seizures.
You’ll get to where it’s better. You’ve already started!