I don't like the new TuD look

Maybe I'm just more comfortable with the old appearance of TuD fonts and colors, but the new look of TuD does not look good to me. The bright green on black text just doesn't look right.

I know that all kinds of products update their packaging to appeal to contemporary tastes but this whole makeover doesn't set well. I know it is a completely subjective preference and I may be in the minority with this opinion, but if I had a chance to style my viewing in the old look, I'd do it.

Even "my page" has this same appearance. Just my two cents. I love the content here so much, it won't deter my participation, but I'd like to return the the look of a comfortable old friend.

Well put, Terry.

I have worked on monochrome monitors more than 27 years ago. It was an Apple IIe in my IT course at school. Although I have fond memories I would never accept green on black again - for sure.