I don't see


I don’t see…how family members of some people who become ill can ignore the pain their loved one is going through in their lives. Time and time again I’ve read from people who are not getting the support they need from those closest to them. The person isn’t too needy and they aren’t demanding anything that they wouldn’t graciously give if the situation was reversed. When a person becomes ill or they are faced with a tough circumstance it is natural to instantly take for granted that those they love the most will certainly be by their side. When their loved ones are indifferent or not understanding they are not just hurt by their actions but truly crushed.

I personally can’t understand it. I love my family so much and if any one of them suddenly became ill I’d want to hold their hand through every moment of it. I’d want to do everything I could to make them feel secure and safe. I’d want to do my own part in trying to make their life as loving, as fun and as comfortable as I possibly could. I can’t imagine responding any other way.

I do realize that there are times family members just can’t accept what is happening in the life of their loved one. It is easier for them to try and ignore the situation then face it. In many ways this is a self-serving action for them to take because they are attempting to save themselves from the pain of facing reality. The sad truth is that the person who is ill cannot escape the reality of their situation and due to the actions of their loved one they are having to face it alone. No one should have to go through something like that alone. If the person who is ill can live through it, face up to it and stand strong in the fight to survive, the least the family can do is to hold their hand as they travel their journey.


I agree:) that is why I"m here at tudiabetes.com. My family loves me, that is as far as it goes. I have to choose and follow my diet plan by myself. It’s hard; but it seems to be the only way it will ever be. They dont “get/understand” my need to test/eat certain foods that will assist me in keeping a good number. They will say" good going" when they hear that I like the number I got while testing. That is it. I wish that I had more “support” when groceries were being bought. Meanwhile, I keep trying to add something small into their diet that I can eat with them… when they let me.


I am sorry that you don’t have he support you need. I live alone so that part makes things easier and I must say that my children and other family members are supportive for the most part. Has any of your family members went to education classes with you? This may help to educate them on the importance of you doing what is necessary to control your diabetes. We are all here for you and we certainly do support you and want you to know that you are never alone. Feel free to write any time.