I feel like a grown up!

I just changed my first infusion set this morning! I’m ridiculously happy about it, too, because it didn’t hurt as badly as it did when I put my first one in at my CDE’s office on Wednesday.

I just had to share my joy at this small victory with people who’d appreciate

Congrats!!! Mine never hurt, so think of that first one as an anomaly. Another hurdle passed :wink: How’s the pumping going in general?

Pretty well so far. I’m going to need more tweaking with my basal rates, but so far, I’m loving it. The site change was freaking me out more than anything else. :slight_smile:

You will be a pro in no time!

That’s great news! Except for the grown-up part, I try to avoid that whenever possible…

yeah! are you using an inserter, or do you stick it in under your own power? Before I got my inserter, I liked to have my husband with me as my “cheerleader”. it’s funny now thinking about how he used to say “go, go, go!”

LOL we need a Peter Pan group :slight_smile:

i was scared to do my first one alone too because my first one with the dr hurt sooo bad. it was in my stomach area so the next one i tried around the back in my love handles and i hardly felt it!! i was so relieved and also felt pretty victorious!! :slight_smile:

Yoo-hoo! I dont have a pump yet, but I am going to pump class in a few weeks. How has the pump been treating you? (: And what kind of pump do you have?

lmao! That’s awesome! :smiley:



I’m using an inserter - I’ve got Animas Inset 30s. I’m not sure I’d be feeling as confident doing it under my own steam. :slight_smile:

Thus far, only the one I put in at my endo’s office hurt - I’m using my stomach for now; I’ve got some old injection bruising that I want to clear up before I move to my love handles.

I’ve got an Animas Ping. And aside from some random high BG readings this weekend, I’m loving the pump. Just the ease of doing a bolus by pushing buttons rather than the whole injection routine… I’m so glad I switched!

Now, bear in mind that this is after a whopping 5 days experience. I hope things continue to be smooth.

no - its easy without an inserter - I used to use a technigue where i would pinch in inch and would approach my tummy in a jabbing fashion to the count of 1, 2,3, jabb - The fourth time i would firmly insert it - the thought of the pain was always worse than the pain.

I tried one once without an inserter. Not a success! Maybe I’ll try again in 6 months.