I feel like crap!

I’m taking an early lunch break at work.
My blood sugar was 34, I ate some yogurt and now I’m at 42. Just ate 2 g-tabs and currently feel like I’m going to throw up. Bleh!

I’m slightly shakey but my mind is clear. Which is good because I’ve been answering Medicaid policy questions for the past 1/2 hour. And I’m getting a call about another from our hearings coordinator.

Got to go.

When you’re low, I don’t think yogurt is the best choice to eat. Dairy products take awhile to hit your system. At 34 I would say take 4 glucose tabs, then follow up 20 or so minutes later with the yogurt. At least that’s what works best with me.

Lows at work truly do suck. You kinda have to pretend that everything is cool even though you feel like you could pass out. 34?..yeah forget the yogurt…go straight for the liquids or tabs.

Yes the tabs would’ve been the way to go, but my stoumach wasn’t interested in the idea. I needed something less on the acidic side to start off with.

Just checked and I’m doing good at 114!

Happy Sugars for the rest of the weekend!

Happy Sugars. I like that phrase.
Thanks Dino, same to you!