I feel like Given in

I went to the Urgent Care on Satuday afternoon. I had a ear ache, and because of a chronic history of them, I just knew. So there we are, and I get called in. The questions this Gal asked me were dumb. The NEW Electronic Medical screening… Oh joy. I said how about I tell you what I have, not you asking me if I have Breast Cancer, or Prostate Problems…Gosh… So I went on to tell here, I am Type 1 Diabetic, Post Adrenal removel and Have Valley Fever. She tried to find them in her system, no luck. Couldn’t find my meds either. So I said I will tell the Doctor. So inot the room I go, wait and wait, there are signs on the wall, the new Electronic system is causing time taken away form our PT so bare with us. And a Sign ask till you feel good and don’t leave if you haven’t ask all you need to ask. The Dr may take more time to feel like he/she has completly covered all health issues you have and the present. Ok so I relaxed and wait a good 1hr in that room. In comes this cute little Dr. I said Oh your Busy today, and she say’s I hope I have lost some weight! OMG she was a TWIG…so was this a set up… I went on to say what was wrong. She said lets back up and talk about your other illness first. OK, I am in Urgent care and this Women gives a HOOT about ALL of me:) WOW! So she talked about my BS and Insulin, and then the Valley Fever and its damage on me, then the Fibro she went on to push on all the 12 points and said YES you do have Fibromyalgia. Then said you need changes in your Insulin, and meal insulin added. Ok, and then she looked in my ears, and listened to my heart. she said you have a Very large Click, yes I have MVP and she said this needs attention…So she checked some other things and then sat down. She said you have ear infections, and said she would give me info on Free clinics and a Community clinic. And wanted me to get established with a Dr Asap. So I left with a 198.00 payed bill, and onto a 149 dollar bottle of Steriod ear drop. I have been hurting so bad, level 20 and I mean that. The inside of my ear decide to close and sweel, OMG this hurts. Heat and Ice, have been my friend…I have been following the drops and taking doses of Advil and Percocet, which help for the shortest time. I have a little improvement today, the swelling is going down. I hope & Pray it heals fast, I feel like this pain is really getting the best of me. I feel weak from it.
So today I called the community Dr, and she said we aren’t taking new Pt til the end of Feb or beginning of march. Ok I said thats fine. She said I need to do a Phone Interview and am busy… So I will call tomorrow and hope for someone different:)

I am so tired of being sick… the saying, I am sick of being sick, IS ME! I want my health in a good place again…

I haven’t ate any different, but with the meds and pain my BS have been much higher…

So trying to lift my head up:) and keep it there…

I feel your pain, dear heart.

I got a nasty diabetes-fueled ear infection back in 2004. NOT fun, especially at the ER in the wee hours.

I hope you’re feeling MUCH better very soon.

Hang in there!

I am so sorry for your pain. I do know what it is like. I have been having earaches, headaches, sniffles and a sore throat - but it is not a cold. And it is miserable. My sugars have been up and I am on antibiotics. It is normal for the sugars to spike when you have infections and with antibiotics, so in a way we have a double whammy.

I do not know what the Valley Fever is, but I expect that is not helping.

Someone told me before Christmas to inject large doses of insulins but in several injections, so for example 20 units, in four smaller injections of 5 units each and it helps with the absorbtion. I actually welcome a hypo when I have been high. I do not know if you have tried this, but it is worth a go. I am not suggesting you do 20 units if that is not your normal doseage, but just an example.

Hope you feel better soon.

So sorry! I went to urgent care once right after I was dx’d for dehydration - the male (young) dr. was an a-hole! What a jerk. The nurse was nice fortunately.

I have TONS of ear problems. Funny how I never had them before I hit 30 (way before D). Ears were fine and than BAM - my ear went nuts with the wax causing infections and swelling in both ears (different times mind you). I had to have drops to get the swelling down before they could remove huge ugly black ball of grossiness. This happnened several times in both ears over a few years period. Why all of suddent problems with the ears? Don’t know they say (but I have some theories) my self. Because of all these infections I lost almost half my hearing in both ears and now I wear hearing aids.

I still have problems with my ears though. One has tinnutis and the other one has a narrow canal and I always have problems with the wax that won’t come out and causes clogging and infections. Even sleeping on that ear seems to cause it problems some times. That ear is stopped up right now or infected and driving me crazy. Can’t hear hardly anything from it even with my hearing aid in it. And I am not even sick or anything - it just does this! (I want an ear transplant! haha!) I notice I have more problems with it since being dx’d last year. I accidentaly jammed my ear aid in my ear too far and now the doctor said my ear drum in scarred. Ugh. Even since then, the ear drives me crazy. My ears so messed up. I am hoping this time it clears up on its own (those wax drops never work for me) but I have a feeling it will be antibitoics time again. Geez, don’t I have enough pills to swallow!

Anyhow, I know how you feel. I am so sick of having continuous problems with my ears. But is it good that you go in and check them fixed because I didn’t went I first had problems with mine and that is how I permanently lost some of hearing. So, never let ear infections go too long. Wearing hearing aid is SOOOO expensive and a big pain in t

Kimkat, I have had issues with my ears since 2004, my Dads sudden death day before my birthday on his way to my house, it flipped my health in a horrible way. I has Psoriasis as a child and teen, it has gone away, and Bam it was back in a vengence. It got in my ears and caused lots of damage. I had some surgery done, scraping in the deep tube areas. It didn’t help. I have constant draining and no one has a reason. I always say its spinal fluid, and they just look at me in Utter fear, I am kidding,…but… so the 2-4-5 times a yr I get infections you would think someone wuld know why. I get told to flush them in the shower, and then pur peroxide in them, I swear the insides of my ears are different, its as if a cup of water goes in, and nothing comes out. I don’t get it, then I will be out somewhere and a river starts flowing onto my shoulder. And then that night it drains ucky sticky stuff. What it is is a question never answered. So I just keep plugging along. I have hearing loss from scarring. My Right eardrum is a mess. Not fun at all…

I had an ear infection once so far, and the pain was horrible. They gave me some antibiotics and told me to stop sicking my finger in my ear to clean it out. Have you had your eustacian tubes examined to make sure they drain your ears properly? If the tubes behind your eardrums get clogged, your ears don’t drain properly and you could get infections easier that way. In the meantime, I suggest you up your intake of garlic and onions to help build your immune system and put cotton balls in your ears at night. The stuff your ears are draining is most likely diluted ear wax. Also, wear ear plugs or keep your ears covered whenever you shower or bathe so that you don’t get water in your ears.