I feel like sh**!

Today I was doing fine with my blood sugars then at 2 this afternoon my pump starting beeping telling me to check my blood sugar like it always does two hours after I eat… I was on the phone at work so I waited until I got off the phone to check my BG… It was 47 I could believe it so I checked again… It was 48… I had NO SYMPTOMS like always… I ate peanut butter cups… Now It’s 142… I feel like I was ran over by a truck and I’m tired… I can’t even think, my mind is blank… I have a hard time spelling too and have to look up easy words in the Dictionary…


Lows are rough and I get the same effects. I cannot think straight, come up with the right words, and omg, spelling forget about it. I am sorry you went through this, but at least you were able to catch it and recover. I cannot believe I am saying that to you as I know how that does not fix what happened. You did a great job with not over eating. I know I would of just kept eating and have to bolus again, so the plus side is that you did not. You did good.


Do yourself a HUGE favor and read the chapter in the book Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution about how to treat hypos.

The food you chose, peanut butter cup is extremely slow to digest because it is full of fat. Plus, it had a lot more carbs in it than you needed to raise your blood sugar back to a safe level.

One hard Sweetarts candy disc is 2 grams of carb. That will raise someone around 140 lbs 10 mg/dl. If you’re thinner, they’ll raise you slightly more. So 5 of them should do the trick, and they’ll do it within 15 minutes.

It really works.

Hi Shawna - Any low I have ruins my day, just like you describe. I agree with what Jenny wrote about treating a low. I use Dex-4 type glucose tabs.

He Shawna! - How long have you not had any symptoms of low blood sugars? I am completely confused b/c I have been diabetic since the 70s and until a couple days ago ALWAYS HAD SYMPTOMS. That’s why I am soooo scared!! Many people on this website say they don’t have any sympoms with their lows either and some have only had diabetes a few years.

Hi Shawna- I can’t get regulated I go weeks at a time i’m doing good then its like i’m 330 for days i don’t know what to do most of the time i’m on the go so eating breakfast is a challenge i’m thinking of getting those diabetes drinks for breakfast and say lunch i feel so alone with this wish there was a shot to get rid of this as i am not a person who keeps a diary and i know this is for the rest of my life