I feel like total sh*t today

Ever eat too much bacon? Well, I haven’t eaten any but I feel like I ate too much. I blame it on worry and stress.

Other members: let 'er rip and don’t tell me what i’m doing wrong because it doesn’t fly.

Thanks for your sharing and venting
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Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well!

When my blood sugars are high for a while, I have the “sand pit in the back of my throat feeling”. I hate it and I agree 100% that we need a cure.

I wish you better days!!!

Kristin - “sand pit in the back of my throat feeling”. Great description! I’ve often felt that weird sensation (during a high blood sugar) but never knew how to explain it. Couldn’t understand why I feel that way either.

Steve - I’m not sure if this was what you were trying to say, but it carries an important message. We (Ok, maybe only me) tend to blame diabetes for everything. Yet. after eating a pound of bacon, or enduring tons of stress, we (correction - I) check the blood sugar, and when the number is good, can’t figure out why we feel so lousy. I always have to remind myself that there are other things, not diabetes related, that can make me feel sick.

Hopefully this will pass and you’ll start feeling better. The good news is that you’ve got forums like this one to spill your guts and start complaining about whatever bothers you. We don’t judge you for it, we just realize that “hey, it’s not just me!” and try to help.

I have many times throughout a day where I feel like total $#i+ and just thought I would say you are not alone, but I have no answers. :frowning: Stress so does not help, but have no answer for that either.

Exercise always helps me, but when you are feeling like $#i+, ya don’t feel like exercising. Hoping you are feeling a bit better and I will not add the comment of DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP ABOUT IT. :wink: or HANG IN THERE. :wink:

Hey Steve,
Been there too many times especially lately, don’t want to go back. I hope today goes by faster and tomorrow is better.


I have felt like Sugar Honey Ice Tea before after eating too much! but after a few hours I feel fine. lol I have the binge thing with chips everyonce in a while. I hope you feel better soon

Thanks for sharing.

Drink a lot of water.


good idea, as a matter of fact i have been !!


Hi Steve,
I hate that you are having a day like this…now that I look at the date that was Sunday. Well, anyway, I hope you are having a better day today. We all have those days…It really sucks sometimes! But we always get through them…one way or another. I have had a time with the blood sugars this week myself. I just got it down to 196 before lunch…can’t quite figure it out…not really stressed today. Hang in there!

im sorry you don’t feel well. Yes i have eaten to much bacon before and its not good. One time a friend of mine went to buy stuff to make breakfast and he got bacon that was maple flavor and i was sick all day from that. till this day i can’t stand maple smelling stuff. Hope you feel better soon and get so rest

Yes…on many occasions I’ve eaten way too much bacon.

me too. it sucks. in fact i’ve felt bad for the past couple of months… i just want to sleep. hope you feel better tomorrow.