I feel shame

My last eye doctor appointment was 3.5 years ago.

My next one is tomorrow.

They had me on a schedule of every two years because I never had any eye problems.

But then at the two year mark, in late 2019, I missed an appointment. A couple months went by and COVID happened.

I was afraid to go to ANY doctor in that time, but still went to my endo religiously.

My sugar has stayed where it was for all this time (high 6’s to 7’s a1c) but i’m still afraid.

Don’t feel shame, feel anxious to get back into your regular routine. Feel glad that you can return to normal.


I feel the need to make excuses or tell myself that my sugar has been what is always has been, and I would be fighting the same battle even if I had visited the doctor during that time, which is for control.

Do you feel that you made the right decision by not visiting your eye doctor during the pandemic, a lot of people will agree with that decision especially since you have not had problems previously. Which was highest, the risk of covid or the risk of eye problems.

I see no need for excuses.


Are you afraid of changes to your eyes during that time or something else ?.

Even if afraid (or nervous?) about next eye appointment, try to wait until you are examined and learn if there is something to worry about. And if there have been changes, there are many treatments to address them and preserve vision.

Studies show that A1Cs 7 and under help prevent complications.

I am indeed. And i’m not sure how to feel because my sugars have been about the same in this period of time.

So if I see changes I’d feel devastated. Even though I’ve been trying. I’m sure if there were changes they would be minor, because of my history with no issues at all. But somehow I would kick myself for not being able to adjust in that time frame to try to help them.

You should not worry. It will not change the outcome.


I feel as though even if he had detected something in that time, the only takeaway would be “tighten up the sugars”…

Which is always the goal anyway

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It’s just a preventive thing. If you catch something,nthen that’s good. Try to not beat ur self up over it. Do it because you want peace of mind.

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Many folks here strive for lower A1Cs, which is much more doable with current tech. Do you have or considered using CGM or insulin pump. Pumps often make it easier to get lower A1Cs, which then reduces risk of complications.

Does you endo encourage you to aim for A1C 6-7? Consider a new endo. Many can achieve 5-6 even without pump.

All sorts of people avoided doctors appointments because of covid. My eye doctor even shut down for about 4 months. This is just what happened because we were all afraid and rightly so. You made the best decision that you thought best at the time. You never know, what if you had gone and gotten exposed to covid and got sick. This was a worldwide pandemic, it changed things.

The doctors all know people avoided appointments and are now gearing up to get everyone taken care of.


Not just patients avoiding doctor appointments, but doctors canceling appointments due to covid-19. Case-in-point, my husband’s eye doctor appointment was cancelled because of covid-19.

@Christoph all was well, diabetes-wise, even with adding an additional year between visits. He did need to have cataract surgery, but we had known it was forming.


I once missed for 12 years. When I went and the doctor said i was OK, I cried. I have never missed one since.



I fully expect to have some mild to moderate bad news tomorrow.

After 23 years of diabetes, with good control (not amazing, but 6’s and 7’s) all my life, i’ve been very fortunate till now. My last appointment I was 20 years in with no issues.

Hopefully the past was prologue but it wouldn’t be the end of the world with early stages. I’ve read some great stories on here of folks who have maintained NPDR for decades with good a1cs and health. I would aim to do the same


I will be thinking of you and hoping for the the very best. However, In my case my A1C when i had that eye exam was 14.1. So yeah I was emotionally and I was in no way doing the right thing. I was fortunate, still am. But no it was not skill, it was luck.



Since we’re in the subject. I got mixed results from lab work yesterday. My a1c is 5.5. That’s a good number for me. I’ve hit 4.9 before but I was not willing to maintain that. This 5.5 was just keeping good control without freaking out about it.

My cholesterol was good 155 and my ldl was 118. So the cholestoff must be working but my triglycerides were high at 200. That’s not fasting but still. Because I can’t take statins.
So I need to figure this out. I’ve never had a high triglycerides level before. Maybe it’s a one off. But I feel like I could do better with diet.
Maybe you can think of your impending results as a new starting point. One you can improve rather than an indication of failure.

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So far so good…in the appointment now and the digital pictures came back negative…he’s just doing one last look dilated before i’m otta here

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I had my eye doc for 30 yrs. I heard he retired. I was looking for a new doc and found out he did not retire, Made an appt and had to reschedule. There goes another 6mos. I keep him because he has be looking at my eye for years. Christop, hope your doc check in the back of your eye with a bright light to check of evidence of diabetic issues.

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Thank you, he did. The stories I see on here about controlling and stabilizing the different levels of retinopathy give me hope.

Especially the ones about folks who have had many surgeries and retain good vision. That seems to be the majority.