I fell off the wagon again, then it trampled me

YEP i’m officially undiabetic at the momment. Am i proud of it… no… not really.

I’ll put it to you this way… my doc asked why and i said the best way i can explain is this:

"I don’t like how i feel when i am diabetic, and just as equally i don’t like how i feel when i’m not"

It’s like i said before… if you can’t handle diabetes emotinally then how are you going to deal with the little things in a diabetes life… How is one to know what they can handle unless they try…

All i know is that since i’ve started taking antidepressants, i’m pretty happy either way. ( that was a joke, laugh!)

Which leads me to my memorial tattoo i want someday… i want it to mourn my past life as undiabetic: eating what i want, the alocholic i could have been (jokes people jokes), the professional sumo wrestler or hotdog eater or heck even super thin model!

Anything else i can memorialize?

ummmm, Chocolate? Did I say C h o c o l a t e???
just love ya sweetie.

i miss ice cream, well milkshakes really, like these crazy mocha espresso milkshakes i used to make. god they were D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. :wink: