I finally did it!

I finally did it… I ordered my animas ping today! I’m so excited! Hopefully it makes my life a whole lot easier!!!


Yeah Eliabeth!! So happy for you. You will love it, I know I do. I have had mine for six months. I have the pink one, it is so cute. Suggestion though. To protect your screen check out the screen protectors with animas I ordered some that way I could keep mine from getting scratched up. These things are awesome. Make sure you join the animas pumpers group.
Happy Pumping:)

Congrads:) I remember that first week on the pump…I did not realize how much more energy I could have until we smoothed out the roller coaster ride:) I was a little scared to make the transition…but, it certainly paid off. Take care and be well Elizabeth:)

Congratulations Elizabeth! That is great news.

Hoorah! Do you have the book Pumping Insulin (by John Walsh) yet?

yey! congrats elizabeth! I started on my (pink) ping two weeks ago and I LOVE it! It really is such a dramatic improvement in quality of life for me. To stay in control I was doing 6-8 shots a day and it was causing so much stress. I love the ping, it’s really easy to use :slight_smile:

yey for you!

Yep! My endo refused to allow me to even consider the pump without reading the john walsh book. I hope that it’s as easy to use as everyone says! I’m so excited!!!