I finally gave in

Well, I finally gave in and have started on Levimier last night. Only 10 units to start with once a day plus my Byetta and my Metformin. I didn’t want to go on insulin at first. I wanted to be able to control all of this myself but I realize all I’ve been doing is driving myself insane with the diet and excersise and constant worrying. I’m still going to keep up with the diet and excersising but maybe now it won’t be so frustrating. Hopefully the insulin will help and my numbers will start to come down. I’m a little worried about getting lows but I’m sure I’ll get over that fear eventually. Wish me luck. I’ll keep posting as I get results.

Hi Kathy,

You know, even taking insulin, you ARE the one controlling this! Keep up the good work!

Yeah kathy I agree, YOU really are the ne controlling it, you’ve exhausted the other possibilities and now you’ve taken the executive decision to use a new tool to help you that’s all.
Good luck and chin up hun x x x

Now that you’ve moved through that decision, look forward to feeling better!

Wishing you the best, and remember we are all here for you…anytime. xx

I agree with everything said so far. You are taking steps in the right direction. Having to take insulin is not a sign of failure…it just means your body wasn’t responding well enough to the old treatment. Test a lot so you can be on top of those numbers and take necessary action if you are on the low side. Try to keep up the exercise (you know I’ll be checking up on you!!!) and the healthy eating…I have no doubt that you can do this!!

I gree with Di, having to take insuling is not a sign of failure! A few years ago at a conference an endo addressed this issue. He said the treatments for T2 included pills, diet, excercise, and insulin, and just because you were put on insulin did not mean you were a “bad” diabetic. It just means it is the treatment that is needed at the moment to keep you as healthy. Cheers to being healthy! N

I think its a matter of what is going to make you feel good. If insulin is in the package then its another tool to fight the disease. Think of it as a balancing act. The way I see it sometimes we need different tools to get the job done. I look back at my six years of treatment and I think for me the best I ever felt was when I was on insulin. Since I felt better, i excercised more, ate better and was able to turn things around to the point I did not need anything for about 3 years. It seem to make things easier for me on insulin. Meds had more side effects for me than insulin. So if its going to make you feel better then good for you. Hope all goes well.

Thank you all so much for your kindness and support. I’m already seeing a differrence. In the morning my fasting BS has been 130 for the last few days. I’m still spiking during the day but not as high as I was. I’m expecting to see more improvements this week. I test at least 5 times a day. I would like to test more but there are issues with my insurance. I tried getting extra test strips about a month ago but was denied because I wasen’t on insulin. Now that I am on it the doctor was supposed to order more but when I called the pharmacy she had called in the insulin but not the strips or needles. (thank god I’ve got more than enough needles for now).