I found another pouch for my pump (similar to baby sock idea)

In the past year, I have purchased a couple of the Sidekick disposable BG meters found in my local pharmacy. This is one that is to be discarded after all 50 test strips have been used. It is about the size of a large test strip vial and has the meter built into the cap. I have brought it to baseball games, concerts, etc when I didn’t want to lug my large case around.

This disposable meter comes with a nylon pouch with a velcro closure. Since each one of these meters comes with one, and all meters are discarded after 50 uses (or 120 days whichever comes first), I have begun to start a collection of these cases. I found my pump fits perfectly in these cases. Not sure when I’ll use it, but I know that some people like the idea of using a small sock to keep their pump in while they sleep. This pouch could easily be pinned to clothing. I bet a belt could be attached to it with a little bit of sewing, also. I just thought I’d throw out the idea in case anyone was looking for a new place to “coneal” the pump. I have attached a photo of it.
9243-5564949.bin (122 KB)

That looks pretty cool. I have seen these meters before but never used one. Have you found them to be accurate? that a great idea bringing it to concerts, games etc. How much does the Sidekick run?

I bought it for about $30. It really lasts me the full 120 days because I only use it when I really feel my regular kit is too large to carry. I do find that it is accurate. I ran a test today along with my Logic Meter after running a successful test using the solution on it. When I then tested my own bg, I got 114 on the sidekick and 126 on the BD logic.