I found another thing that raises my bs, and what else is new!?

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment for my feet. i have the paltar fascitis thingee. I told him i can’t take anti-inflams anymore since they caused my D, so he tells me the only thing he can do is tape my feet and give me a shot in each heel. Well, afterward i couldn’t feel my feet, but that wasn’t the biggesgt problem. I have had those shots in my shoulder and they didn’t do anything but raise my bs. Which last night i ended up fighting all night long with bs;s in the 300’s and over trying to get it down. They never listen, must be because i am blond, built and a woman. They must think my IQ is in my chest!! Lawyers are the same, you have to repeat and repeat yourself many, many times before they finally get it Sometimes i wonder if i used too big of words or talk to fast, or they just don’t listen anyway! I did finally get him to admit i have neurapathy in my big toes, after years of telling him they were numb, but because i didn’t have the D back then, they didn’t want to hear it. It was most likely caused from working in a factory for 18 years on wet, cold cement floors, that half the time my feet were wet. After standing all day my toes were numb until i got off them then they were screaming in pain on the drive home. Njow, i can’t stand them to be cold, and he tells me to use ice on the feet, like I am going to do that when it makes my whole foot hurt and the toes realay hurt! Oh well enough of my vent. thanks for listening,. hugs to all