I got a bum leg (site)

On Saturday I decided to give my abdomen a rest and try doing a site on the front of me thigh. Everything seemed ok, it didn't even hurt going in. Sure, my insulin intake was higher than normal and I bumped up my basal a lot, but I had just gotten my period and it was the weekend, so I was carb heavier than during the week. No problem, leg site is working out great.

Until I woke up this morning at 177. WHAT?!? I went to bed at 175 with 1.7 until of IOB. What's up with that? Well, I correct and eat an egg, combo bolusing for the protein breakdown (which I NEVER do) to account for A) impending sickness (sniff, sniff) of b) a bad leg site.

I spent the rest of the day bouncing all around. I just ripped out the leg site, 2 and half days after insertion, and replaced with an abdomen. I can usually get 4-5 days out of site, until the insulin the cartridge runs out, really. We'll see what's up tonight. It seems like this may be a repeat performance of the outer thigh site that I tried a few months ago - things are iffy until 2 days in when they go plain wonky. Luckily, that site was accidentally ripped out at that point before I had the chance to really troubleshoot.

For now, I'm going to the gym.