I got the Moderna COVID19 vaccine!

Thanks to a wonderful tracking group on facebook, my wife and I were able to take a road trip 2 hours to the countryside for our Moderna COVID19 shots Tuesday 2/23/2021 in Piedmont, MO. It was in a small conglomerate pharmacy in the middle of nowhere. You go in, fill out some paperwork and 20-30 min later have your shot in a consult room. Then you wait in your car if you want to for 15 min and drive off if no reactions. The only reaction my wife and I had was sensitve arms. Definitely worth the drive! Right now local places in the Saint Louis, MO metro area are only doing either 75 or 65 and up but could do the medically compromised if they wanted to. Each site sets their own rules on ages right now.


@BradP I got mine today the only thing I noticed was my BG was elevated 5 hours after the shot and lunch. Might not be related. No sore arm and so far no fever.

Luis3, did you take medication close to the time of the vaccine injection?