I got the spikes figured out!

Hey, everyone. I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation for the last week. I have finally gotten to the bottom of the morning high and then the afternoon dip. Apparently it happens no matter what I do. I tried just diet iced tea, it happened. I tried coffee with Almond milk (1 gram of carb per cup) and it happened. Then I tried nothing at all and it happened. Last night, 2 hours after my meal, BG was 114. Before bed, it was 100. Upon waking today it was 95 (I checked while still in bed). Then I got up, took a shower and did some house cleaning. I started to feel the burning sensation in my fingertips. I checked my BG, and it was 145. I had only been up and active for barely 1 hour by this time. It will then go to 160/180, and by 5:30 PM it starts to drop to 100 and even lower. I got up at 11:30 AM, BG spiked with no food or drink by 12:30. So, I just leave it alone and let it do it’s thing, because adding insulin will just make the dip go even lower. All other fasting numbers have been 95 and under for the past week. It is indeed foot on the floor in my case.


Could you get a CGM and use it for a couple of weeks to document this to show to your doctor?

That might be next. But for now I will let it do it’s thing.