I got the worst hypo in my life!

.On the last sunday,i got the worst hypo in my life!!
I woke up at 11 a.m.i felt that i can’t speak!!
so,i started looking at my mouth on the mirror!!
i realy scared about what i saw!!!
when i was sleeping i got a bad low on my sugar because of that i cut a bit of my tongue and there was ablood!!!
my blood test was 38!!

i realy felt sad,i was soo angry of myself and i started crying!
I took a medicine(Daktarin Oral Gel),it was very good and now every thing is Okay.


Glad that you are okay.

Yes, that low is not a fun experience. Been there…I use regular soda…as when I am low I cannot chew. I have to drink pure sugar.

Hope that you don’t have that experience too often. :slight_smile:

I’ve been there before. I’ve gone through many insulin shock comas. I’ve been woken by paramedics on countless occasions- so much that they knew me by name for a while.

The last one that I remember was so low that I went into a seizure while sleeping. My seizure woke up my fiance and he called the ambulance. When the paramedics got there, when I woke, they told me it was a good thing that I had my tongue pierced, because it stopped me from biting it off! They said that it gave me something to hold onto with my teeth (the piercing stud) without allowing me to CHOKE on my tongue as it tried to roll back into my throat while spasming.

My tongue hurt for about a week- i think I stretched the hole slightly while gripping it with my teeth during seizure. And my muscles ached for a few days- from seizuring.

Not fun!

I went on the pump shortly after that- had complications with antibodies and allergic reactions- and have gone to Levemir and Apidra (for now). Have not had such a horrible experience since then. (I have since taken out my tongue piercing because I’m hitting 25 next month and feel it’s kind of juvenile- for me. haha. Had it from aged 18-20. Miss it sometimes, though)

My overnight comas were caused by Lantus. It just didn’t sit well with me and would put me into insulin shock almost every night.

I’m glad you’re okay. I know it’s really scary.

Yeah that’s right Dave.
sometimes i eat some chocolate with milk but on these days i take one spoon of HONEY or 4 pieces of DATE
it realy works faster for me.
i’m getting alot of lows at night.

you are right Robyn…
It is not a fun experience.

THANK you.

There are few things worse than that morning after feeling. I have a night low maybe once every 2 months. Since I am hypo unaware I can’t feel them and go as lo as it takes to wake my wife. Many times this means seizures. I have enough scar tissue on my tongue that the dental hygenist asks about it. Then there is the body aches and the headache. I generally take 2-3 days to fully recover, physically, and about 2 weeks mentally. My issues are generally caused by poor carb counting or stacking boluses.

Be glad it is the worst you have had, learn from it what you can, and try to not let it happen again. That’s all you can do.

Good luck.

Oh Marps!!
that’s realy terrible!!
i don’t like Lantus,i think it caused those bad lows!
i told my doctor that i wanna be on a Pump,she said:we will see about that!

Now,my tongue hurts me alittel but it’s not like the first time!
i feel better than before.

I got 2 danger lows when i was a child,one of them happened when i was 5 years old and the other one happened when i was10 years old(i lost my sight).
i don’t remember it very well but i remember that i slept in the hospital.

But that was the first time that i saw a blood on my mouth!!!

honestly,i’m thank full to the God…

thanks my dear friend.