I guess I can't help everyone

I have a co-worker who is T2 and she doesn’t follow or even attempt to follow her diabetes routine! She drives me up the wall…lol I know I shouldn’t force people to follow any routine but come on…when will people learn!!! I know some people are stuck in their ways but come on you have a disease that you can manage if you choose too! I told her that she is more act risk for cardio disease, stroke, rheinopathy and neuropathy to name a few… she said she knew…I watched her take 2 Olive Garden Breadsticks (50 plus carbs) and I told her how many carbs she was eating…Do you know what she said to me…She said I am not using insulin, I told her I am not on insulin because I don’t take care of myself; her comment ticked me off!
People need to be educated on Diabetes!..what ashame. I told her when she is sitting at home 5 years down the line suffering from self inflicked wounds (diabetes complications), she will think about the convo we had and she’ll say “I wish I would’ve listened”. I’ll pray for her but that’s about all I can do.

I’ve come to the conclusion, I am finished trying to help her!!! I guess you can’t help everyone

Hey you should try talking to my brother! BRICK WALL!!! Anymore I just tell them it depends on what quality of life they want. Diabetes won’t kill you fast, but if not taken care of it could be a long and painful death. It’s YOUR choice. Then it is up the them.

Hello!!! Since my new journey on my new road to many challenges. Yes! Carbo counting is a beautiful thing.And in moderation i would have had one breadstick in that case. But everyone is different in dealing with DIABETIES. As to the sugar free stuff I would opt for none. That was old school. Now a days if on the PUMP you can have other stuff that are not sugar free if you carbo count and use with in moderation. Well Take care. You cannot help everyone just remember your health is the most important. All you can do is try to hepl others. Take care. and god bless. diabeticidol94

I agree with you all!! lol Denise your brother sounds like my step father…hahahaha lol DBIdol, I only have a half of a bread stick…lol I am not saying don’t enjoy yourself but you have to do it in moderation not take it all in…have a good weekend everyone.

Your DB,

Your a truly good person for trying to help,but she sounds stubborn,she will have to learn on her own.Sometimes I wish I had someone to guide me when I’m not sure,but I do my best to stay on track.

It is sad that so many diabetic are uneducated. I work for an ophthalmologist and see it every day. Mostly with Type 2. I find that most of the time it is that their doctor has not taken the time to educate them. I live has lots and lots of doctors and two hosp. Believe it or not their is not one Endo. Most people manage their diabetes with and GP or NP and or just not getting the education that they need. The closest Endo is 21/2 hrs away. My daughter and I go every 4 months and are in contact with the nurses all the time. This site is a great way to get the word out their and educate people.

I think some people in the medical field are not helping. They hold on to old information and myths. I have gotten wrong information from nurses and MD’s. The best bet is try to make yourself as informed as you can.