I had a bad day today... Low Blood Sugar during an interview... What to do?

I want to say thank you to everyone that spent some time out of their day to write some encouraging words for the situation I was in. Here what’s happening… and here’s what I learned.
AM GETTING A SECOND CHANCE TO INTERVIEW!!! I found out today that on Oct 30th I have a scheduled interview with the same Manager and Vice President as I did on Tuesday this week. Great news.

What I learned:
I don’t think I mentioned it but I did disclose the fact that I was a Type 1 Diabetic to my interviewers early on, in the interview. It was appropriate I felt at the time. THAT WAS A GOOD THING. If I had not done that, I really believe I might not be getting a second chance. Ironically I think it in some way it prepared them for the letter I wrote as a follow up explaining the situation as a logical reason for my poor performance towards the end of the interview.
The HR Director I spoke with said that the Manager and VP were confused as well, what happened at the end and why I didn’t close them on the position and ran for the door. Making more sense to them now based on the Letter I sent to them.
I don’t think I would be interviewing with this company again if I hadn’t first told them I was a type 1 Diabetic and that I choose to write them a letter explaining to them my situation during the interview.

It again is about “the choices.” To tell or not to tell. To write a letter, or not. I am glad I did both because I almost didn’t.
I would be happy with myself even if I didn’t get a chance to interview again with them.

*** So now… on to finding out a good way to in person explain to them the situation that happened, How it is a situation that happens to me, not frequently but does happen… and how I’m the right guy for the job… I think I forgot to mention that to my interviewers as I raced out the door… LOL.

Another diabetic notch under my belt, and one more interview to go.

Great!!! I am glad for the “happy” update and good luck next week!!!

How did you go?

Update time! I had my final interview yesterday. They welcomed me back after I sent them the email explaining my performance during the ladder end of the last interview.
I explained to them I appreciated their time and having me back. I told them about some of the symptoms I was having last time, not in much detail. They said they had noticed a difference towards the end of the last interview. They were glad to have me back.
Though everything was fine with my Blood Sugar this time around I actually decided that the job and personal wasn’t really a good match for me.
So I guess my Diabetes Angel was telling me the first time around it was going to work.
Thanks again for all the support. Another good Diabetes lesson for me.