I had about 200 carbs at a buffet yesterday for dinner

It was pure heaven. We went at about 4pm so I had a good 8 hours until bedtime to monitor my numbers. I had more insulin in one meal than I ever had before. My numbers were steady at about 100 for the first 2 hours… then the carbs starting hitting and for 2 hours they were 150… then the remaining 4 hours they hovered at about 85-90… then I tested at 4am and I was 92… it was pure heaven. I will not be doing that again anytime soon. It was too stressful wondering if I would hit 300 or drop to 40. But nice to know I can do it if the time arises. Normally I eat about 40g per meal and peak at about 120 per my CGM. My A1C was just 5.2 so I hope I don’t get complacent.

Even before I was dx’ed I was never a huge buffet fan. I’m glad you had a great and stable time though!

I just hope I don’t get complacent and try it all the time. I got lucky I didn’t spike or go low.

Definitely extended bolus. There was a lot of fat and protein in the meal also.

sometimes its almost easier being type 1 in a sense because I can bring my BG level down quickly with some insulin or eat dessert once in awhile if I cover it with insulin

I guess I’m one of the lucky ones, since I’m only on Metformin, I go to the buffet about once or twice every two weeks. Of course, I eat a lot of salad and veggies while I’m there, but I also get to try a few things in moderation. I have overdone it with the desserts every once in a while and have paid the price the next morning with a BG of around 150 the next morning. But that’s life, and I try to have a good control the rest of the time.