I hate eating out

Last week I was away at a conference. I wanted to try out a fancy new restaurant, to eat things I can’t normally eat at home.

It’s my cousin’s birthday, and he wants Chinese.

My doctor wants me to manage this with diet. So I can’t just pick any restaurant and try new foods. I have to feel like a selfish idiot for not being able to go where other people want, because I know there’s nothing I can safely eat on the menu.

So what do you do? Do you force everyone to go where you can eat “safe” food? Do you just stay home?

I know my doctor doesn’t understand the social cost of “managing by diet”.

If its a one off I wouldn't worry about it too much. I hate eating out because I never estimate properly, but it still doesn't stop me. The doctor doesn't seem to understand that we also need to live. Just having a treat once a month to me isn't a big deal.

I think we can all sympathize. I follow a strict diet and many restaurants are nearly impossible (yes, I mean you Panera). Chinese food is also difficult. It is easy to know that the rice is a major source of carbs, but often the sauces can be a huge unknown. A spicy or sour sauce may have a surprising amount of carbs, I think that often the restaurants will use an epic amount of sugar just to have the sweetness "compete" with the other flavors.

So my trick at chinese is to order "dry" dishes, no rice. I also order very spicy, no sugar will be added to these dishes as it is totally impossible to compete in flavor. And while I don't eat rice, you can often order a simple stir fried veggies, bok choy or brocolli either from the menu or special order.