I hate people sometimes

I came across this article online a few minutes ago:


The article hints that the accident was caused by the man's diabetes. And I know that one of the first rules of he internet is to NEVER read the comments section on anything, but I broke that rule, and now I'm pretty ticked! One guy gets into an accident and people are saying that I am a danger to their children?

" people don't realize the danger they put everyone in. the risk is too great. chronic heart disease, seizures, diabetics... it's their handy cap and they have to do more to survive, like calling a cab.... they should not operate machinery or guns. why should i have to take the risk of my child's life just because someone with a disability thinks they have a right to endanger others?"

"It's not 'ageist' or mean-spirited to say, that if you have a health condition that could cause you to lose control of your vehicle you shouldn't drive, period This man's 'freedom' to drive does not supersede anyone's right to not get run over by an incompetent driver"

I feel really bad for everyone involved, especially he little girl's family and firends. but seriously, I can't believe people would go so far as to say millions of americans should never drive.

And what about the thousands of people who text and drive on a daily basis and how many accidents THEY cause or lives that are lost. Driving is dangerous PERIOD, we can only control what we do in a car, not what everyone around us does. I mean this man was up in age, it could have been a number of things that caused his accident. Stroke, heart attack, etc. I think as people with a chronic illness we should make ourselves as safe as possibe, eat something before driving, have a form of glucose on hand with us, and most important TEST before driving to know where our blood glucose range is. I just really hope it comes out, and of course it wont...but that this man's blood glucose level was perfectly normal, and it was some other cause for this accident. I saw that too last night, and yes the lynch mob mentality kinda got to me. It could simply be nothing more than old age in this case...I think we all owe it to ourselves and everyone we share the road with, if we have a chronic medical condition to show we are safe to drive, and if that included periodic updates by our health care provider to dmv, I'd be ok with that, BUT I too think, that ANY driver after a certain age, should be required EVERY YEAR a physical and a actual driving test for DMV. Old age, and older driver's medical conditions or not, kinda scare the bejesus out of me, when I see them on the road.

When you are 84, there's about 1/2 dozen things that can hit you at any minute so blaming D w/o medical evidence (although it may be reasonable to conclude that the daughter may have had such evidence, you can't say for sure?). Diabetes and driving can be done very safely but I keep 1/2 lb of jelly beans in my car, just in case. I definitely feel badly for the little girl and her poor family.

I totally agree with you people are such jackasses

I test if I’m going to be driving for more than a half hour.

Ok, first, the article says that he has been diabetic for a few years. Given his age, this means that he is probably a T2. The article does mention that he takes insulin, but the daughter implies that he may not have taken it and his sugars "went out of control." Yes, sometimes the symptoms of being high can be distracting and can cause blurry vision, but it's usually a bad low that causes an accident like this. And that all said, given his age, it could be any number of things (heart attack, stroke, etc) that resulted in this accident. In fact, those things are far more likely.

I think the article just focused on the diabetes because that is the information they obtained from the family. I really hate the media and how they report on things sometimes. So sensationalistic and so light on the facts.

It's upsetting to read, but it is just pure ignorance on the part of the commenters.

There is no reason why a careful diabetic cannot drive and operate complex machinery.
The FAA allows T1 diabetics to pilot private airplanes if they demonstrate good control and test every hour in flight and 20 minutes before landing. In Canada, there are commercial airline pilots with T1DM.

No matter how much testing is done, things still happen. A year or so ago a (non-diabetic) Continental pilot dropped dead in the cockpit. Airline pilots undergo a physical every 6 months!

I am careful to test before driving or at least make sure I know my CGM is reading reasonably accurately if it is a short drive.

There is a big problem in this country that whenever people think there is a problem they want a new law against some other group. I always seems like a great idea to the people who want the new law, and a very bad idea by those that are effected by it.

Legislating against diabetics is just the one that impact us the most (I'm type I for 40 years), but it is just a part of a much bigger problem with our nanny state.

I've had a few close calls with low BG while driving. If you drive every day, it's nearly inevitable. Now, I only live places where I don't need a car. One of the best decisions I've ever made.

Tragedies like this will cease to occur, only when self-driving cars replace human drivers.