I hate the new freestyle butterfly strips

They are always 20-25 points less than the old classic freestyle strips and my one touch. I don’t use them in the omnipod, I have been using them in the freestyle flash meter I have that abbott said would be compatible. Even so, they are always 20-25 points less. I hate them. I may just use my one touch from now on as my meter even though I have the omnipod. MY pharmacy no longer carries the non-butterfly strips.

That’s odd… I never had that problem happen to me. Maybe you had a bad batch.

I’m surprised, a lot of people have had problems with them being consistently lower than other meters. Especially since its not FDA approved for the omnipod

I was so concerned about this issue that I bought a cheap Walgreens meter in order to compare with the butterfly strip Freestyle Lite meter, and the numbers were within 4 points of each other.