I hate this

im so fuckin sick of everything nun good ever happens ■■■■ gets worse and worse I hope 1 day I wont wake up that would be great sry I botherd you all with this but dam did that feel great letting lose fml :[

I have a ruff year every yr hell every day is ruff and I def wont open up to my family or friends n tell em wats up its to embarrising an im a guy im not lookin weaker then I already am


Venting to us is good, but I really think you need to talk to someone about these horrible feelings you are having. Are you in the US? Are you willing to call a suicide hotline number?

I know it doesn't feel like it now, but you don't have to feel this way (I'm not saying you shouldn't feel this way, but that it can get better). Please reach out - to us, to a suicide hotline, to anyone.

-- Buffy

yeah sry to say I def caint call a sucide hot line those fuckers lock u up so easily its bs how easy they do so an im undecided with getin help more n likely I wont get help I find it really hard to belive a pill will make everything better that's sum ■■■■■■■■ rite there an I find it hard to belive sum random stranger that will just lecture me about my diabetes wil make me happy aka a theripis phycoligst phyatrise it makes no sense I myself have to change I just have to 1 day snap outta it n say im gonna become happy an take care of my diabetes its like ppl tellin me to go c a endo they will help u ray bull ■■■■ they will help u they want there 20000000000000 dollar check an they wanna keep u waiting 55555555555555 hrs an c u for 3 secs not answer ur questions an kick u out that shows me u dont give 2 shits an all endos r the same im much better off killing myself an it caiont get better unless they can make my diabetes go away which will never happen an just wanna let u no I appreciate your concern that means a lot to me

I know how you feel on that. It’s not Good to think like that though why not try opening up to a close friend or maybe even a stranger? I opened up to a councillor a few years ago it takes time but it does help opening up on here also helps as many people feel the same you do and can help you