I hate you, IV3000

I’m not having a good diabetes day. Or week, rather. Yesterday was atrocious. Sunday was bad too, but it’s Sunday, and that was more expected. Anyway, I might write more on that later. Right now I just want to note the complete ridiculousness of my shower a few minutes ago and the IV3000 tape covering my Minimed CGM sensor.

I usually like the IV3000. I’ve never had a problem with sweat or in the shower. At all. Not even a hint of a problem.

So why exactly did it decide to completely disintegrate in my shower this morning leaving behind all of the nasty glue on my skin and the CGM transmitter?


There’s just no cleaning that up. I’ll be discovering glue balls all over my stomach the rest of the day. Usually when I take off the tape when I’m changing sensors, it leaves a bit of residue behind that I’m able to get off with rubbing alcohol. But this was just too much glue even for a rag soaked in alcohol.

The crap just wasn’t coming off. So I put another piece of tape on top of it, and so help me if it dissolves in the shower again tomorrow, I will kick someone. Most likely the booger who designed the Minimed CGM such that it needs tape over it in the first place.

I might need to do some experimenting with different kinds of tape if this happens again.