I have a question about a passage in the following link

" A pump user can resolve the issue immediately by taking off the battery cap and then putting it back on again."

I don’t yet have my 670, but from all the time I’ve owned other Medtronic pumps, I know that if you interrupt the power as mentioned in the story, the pump will not allow the same battery to function as it is seen as not being “new”. Was there a change made to the 6xx series such that the pump won’t reject a used battery?

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Great question. That was always my experience with Medtronic pumps. @Rphil2 spoke about this in another thread. Hopefully he can explain it again.

Yes, the Medtronic 600 series pump corrected that issue. It is fine to undo the battery cap and reinstall the same battery. No need for a new one.

I think it was actually corrected in the 500 series, but I have done it many times with the 600 series pump.

Note: I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things about Medtronic devices or the company. In fact, they do not pay me at all. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.


Thanks for the info, Rphil2.

Batteries that are done in the pump can be used for other things like led lights - they have a good amount of power left

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They work great in TV remotes and calculators.

Eneloop rechargeables should work great in the newer pumps - never buy another battery